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2001 Impreza RS - Black
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Here is my 2001 2.5 RS. I'm the 2nd owner.

I bought if off of a buddy of mine when my crappy Ford Ranger died, I needed a car right away, and he was finally looking to sell it.

I bought it in Dec 2011. I got through the winter, and then started going after the issues I knew it had with aftermarket/performance parts.
The night I brought it home was a bit of rough night for snow.

Here's a picture right after I got it with my bike on the back.

Here is a link to my flickr account. I've updated all of the photo links in this thread, but not all of my photos are in the thread. So if you want to see more, take a look here.[email protected]/8U2vPt


2001 Impreza RS - Black
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This is how she sits today:

I started a Wheelwell page a while ago. I like how it's laid out, and shows everything in a good way.

PRM Cold Air Intake
OBX EL Header
OBX Stainless Catback
Cobb Lightweight Crank Pulley - Blue
Coolant Throttle Body Bypass
Area 1320 Throttle Body Spacer - Blue
Fresh PRM Air Filter
Ballistic EVO 2 16 cell 3.5lb Battery
In the process of the engine rebuild & swap...
Reflashed ECU - Delicious Tuning Stage 4
Refreshed Long Block
- Delta 2000 Cams
- Sti Crank - Balanced
- Sti Rods
- Balanced
- Wiseco High Compression Pistons - 11.5:1
- ARP Head Studs
- ARP Rod Bolts
- New Subaru Block Bolts
- ACL Race Bearings
- 10mm Oil Pump
- New AVLS Valve Springs and Retainers
- NGX Iridium Plugs
- Boomba Racing Timing Belt Guide
- Killer B Oil Pickup & Baffle

Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
ACT Streetlite Flywheel
STi Group N Transmission Mount
Kartboy Transmission Bushings
Kartboy Short Shifter
Kartboy Shifter Bushings
TIC Shift Linkage Upgrade
Kartboy Rear Diff Outrigger Bushings
99 RS Transmission freshly rebuilt
OBX front Differential
Transmission cross member steel plate removal

4 Pot Subaru Front Calipers
Hawk HP+ Front Pads
Stock Rear Calipers
Stop Tech Street Tech Rear Pads
Stop Tech Powerslot Rotors
Stop Tech Stainless Braided Lines
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

Enkei 18 x 7.5" PF01 Wheels
Dunlop Star Spec Tires 225/40-18

2004 Sti Front & Rear Seats
Schroth Ralleye 4 Harness - Blue

Cusco Front Strut Tower
Cusco Rear Strut Tower
Rear Cobb Anti Sway Bar
GT Spec Front Fender Braces
1-1/4" Class I Hitch
Cusco Zero 3s Coilovers - Spring rates: Front 6 kg/mm - Rear 4kg/mm
Rallitek Front Anti Sway Bar
JDM GC8 Sti Aluminum Control Arms
2004 Sti Steering Rack
Whiteline Stearing Rack bushings
Whiteline Front Roll Center Kit
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit
Hotchkis Front Endlinks

Winter/Rally X Setup:
Stock 6 Spoke Wheels - Painted Black
General Tire Altimax Artic Tires 205/55-16
04 STi Struts, Springs, Top Hats
- Rear top hats modified to the GC rear strut bolt pattern
- Struts rebuilt by Feal for gravel

Parts to be installed, Mods to be done:
Super Pro Control Arm Front Bushings
WRX 1-1/16" Brake Master Cylinder
WRX Brake Proportioning Valve
ABS Delete
Kartboy Rear Endlinks
Koyo Radiator w/ Slim Fans
Magnecore 8.5mm Plug Wires
Grimm Speed 8mm Phenolic Spacers
05 2.5i Intake Manifold
Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
2 Pot Subaru Rear Brakes
Kartboy 2 Pot Rear Brackets
Hawk HP+ Rear Brake Pads
Oil Catch Can
Remove Factory Alarm
Remove Air Bags
Excedy Stage II Clutch (because the Stage I probably won't handle the new motor for too long)
1" Strut Spacers (for the winter/rally cross setup)
Primitive Skid Plate
Underdash steel plate removal

Wish List:
Retrofitted Headlights
Clear Turn Signals, Side Markers, and Tail Lights
Rally Tires
Team Dynamic Pro Rally Wheels
Rear Lateral Links
Gorilla Trailing Arms
Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley Kit
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
Flexfuel Setup
Rear Camber Plates
JDM Lightweight Bumper Beams
Lightweight heater core
Gauges - Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, AFR, Water Temp, etc.
JDM In-Fender Expansion Tank
OMP WRC Fixed Back Seats
V2 Nardi Steering Wheel
Oil Cooler
Tough 5 spd Gears (LGT at least, STi RA with DCCD and 4.44 would be sweet)
DBA T3 Rotors (Front 2pc)
Racing Brake Aluminum 4 Piston Front Calipers (They use the same pads as the Subaru 4 pots while being much lighter)
DSS Carbon Driveshaft
F1 Style Mirrors
Lots of Titanium Bolts
Aggressive Weight Trimming on the Chassis
Standalone Engine Management
Water Injection
83mm Stroker Crank
101+ mm Bore Pistons
Titanium/Aluminum Exhaust
Super Charger - M90 perhaps
Aerosim Carbon Widebody Kit
Carbon Doors & Inserts
Carbon Roof
Carbon Fiber Wheels

2001 Impreza RS - Black
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The first mod that I did were the brakes. I knew I needed to at least to pads at some point, but I wanted a bit more than just that. And it's a good thing too. As it turns out, one of the sliders for the drive side front brake caliper stopped sliding. This caused one of the brake pads to wear through really quickly, and then wear on the rotor. Combine that with the fact that the rotors were a bitch to get off, and that one ended up coming off in pieces.

So my buddy and I installed the Stoptech Stage 2 Sport kit for the WRX with the WRX front caliper brackets.

Shortly after that came the PRM Cold Air intake. You can also see the strut tower brace the previous owner installed.

I also installed the OBX exhaust at this point, but I don't really have a good picture to show it. The stock exhaust ended up coming off in pieces.

2001 Impreza RS - Black
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And then it was time for a new clutch. So with that also came a short shifter, a transmission mount, and all the bushings.

Next came the wheels. Enkei 18" PF01s in matte black. These show off the rotors a little better.

Here's the Cobb crank pulley. This was pretty straight forward to do. Just a bit of time and a big ol breaker bar. This, along with the lightweight flywheel, make the car rev up so much faster, which is nice, but it also makes it a bit tougher to drive. It's a lot easier to kill the engine if you're not on the gas quickly enough.

IMG_0980 by Chris V., on Flickr

Then there was the interior swap. My buddy got a good deal on a set of seats (front and rear) out of an Evo MR (Recaros), so he sold me his Sti interior for cheap.


2001 Impreza RS - Black
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And then winter was approaching again, so I prepared for that. A new coat of paint on the old wheels (flat black of course) and some proper snow tires.

The winter setup.

I was really looking forward to doing some ice racing, but unfortunately the winter was pretty weak last year so there wasn't anything local going on.

2001 Impreza RS - Black
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So then spring came again, and I was determined to start racing. I just didn't make it happen the year before. So the first local event was a SCCA driving school on Saturday, and the first event of the year on Sunday. That first day was a little rough; 43 degrees and rainy. That was in late April.

A couple of autocross races in May.

They also organized and started up Performance Track Days at the Milwaukee Mile in June. Those were a damn good time. I love the flow of auto cross, but the speed of a track day is pretty sweet as well. It's quite a feeling to get the car up to 105mph, just to stand on the brakes and bring it back down to 40mph to make the next corner.

And another autocross in June.

And the modifications continued. As with nearly all Subaru's, I was fighting understeer. So I swapped out the front fender braces a set from GT Spec. These definitely helped. The biggest thing I noticed was the transition into understeer was much more subtle and wasn't as harsh.


First autocross after the fender braces.


2001 Impreza RS - Black
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Midway through the summer, it was obvious that the stock suspension was done. Clunks started in the rear, and then in the front a bit later. The biggest issue was the lack of traction under braking over bumps. That was rather sketch. So coilovers were ordered up. Cusco Zero 3s: compression/rebound adjustable, independent ride height adjustment, monotube.

Installed in the car.


2001 Impreza RS - Black
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First autocross on the coilovers. I still have a fair amount of body lean because I didn't dial the coilovers in yet, and I wasn't using the front top hats for more camber yet either.

I brought back a souvenir in this run...

2001 Impreza RS - Black
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Another track day at the Milwaukee Mile.

That orange Camaro was a beast. I couldn't even hear my car rev with that thing idling behind me.

This Camaro was pretty impressive. I think he said it was putting out about 450-500 hp or so, but it couldn't turn that well with the stockish suspension geometry, and I was able to put a bit of time on him on each lap.

Here's a bit of history from the Milwaukee Mile.


2001 Impreza RS - Black
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And then more mods. This was one I had found early on and had kinda forgotten about. A couple guys at auto cross reminded me of it. That would be a front anti sway bar. They're hard to come by for the non turbo cars, but Rallitek does have a 22mm front bar.

That made a pretty hug difference. I ended up having to soften up the rear anti sway bar (from the middle to the soft hole) to balance the car out. She was really prone to oversteer at first.

And also, it was time for new tires. I was kind of a fool and didn't get an alignment right away after putting the coilovers on, and the resulting change in ride height also affected the toe a lot, which wore on the front tires a lot. Oh, that and a damn nail that I found in the drivers rear tire. So after looking around a bit, I went with the Dunlop Star Specs. These are 225s vs the Sumitomo 215s. I've got a bit more room with the coilovers, but then I've only rolled my fenders.

And then more autocross...

And I know it's not really a mod, actually just an adjustment, but I finally started to see what the front camber plates could do. A lot is what I found, and in a very good way.

I was really surprised that day at autocross, new front anti sway bar, new bigger stickier tires, and way more camber. Damn could she turn now.


2001 Impreza RS - Black
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So the final track day wasn't that long ago. Here's a shot of me running down an Sti that was being driven rather 'conservatively' to say the least. He was straight up pissing me off because he would never let me pass and was a grandma in the corners and the infield. The only areas where we're allowed to pass are the two long straights, and he would just stand on it and pull away.

But that was just the first session. The second session I made it a point to get out front in the staging so I wouldn't have to worry about any body else.

Unfortunately, my drivers side rear wheel bearing decided it was done early. I spun just before the apex in the big sweeping corner at about 90-95mph. I barely kept her off the ****in wall. So that ended my day. I limped her home (only 5 miles or so), and jacked her up and found about 5-10mm of side to side movement in that wheel. Oh, and it was loud as hell driving around.

2001 Impreza RS - Black
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So I got on to replace the rear wheel bearings. And because my car has 135,000 miles all in Wisconsin, it was real fun trying to get the damn lateral link bolts out of the hubs. Luckily only one bushing was seized onto the drivers side bolt, and it was at the head of the bolt. I was able to drive the bolt out with the bushing, and then just replace the bushing. So new rear wheel bearings, as well as new backing plates (the old ones were all rotted to hell).

At the same time, we pulled off the coilovers, and installed some GR2 replacement struts with the stock springs and top hats. I also put on some old WRX wheels with all seasons on it.

And just in time to go do my first rally cross.

It was a blast to do, and I'd say I did pretty well. I posted some times really close to a couple other similar cars with seasoned drivers, and I did beat out a modded Evo that had a big ol turbo.

1995 Impreza L / 2001 2.5 RS
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So good to see more people using these cars for they were designed for instead of slapping on mods and saying "look how shiney and expensive my car is". Nice build and good luck to ya.

2001 Impreza RS - Black
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It's been a while, but it finally got cold enough to build up some ice, so it's now time for some ice racing.

The ice was super slick, which made it difficult for the non-studded cars. But after a while the studded cars broke in a groove, however if you got out of the groove you were screwed. I managed to get one good, clean run, but then I started to try to push just a bit. I could get most of the course going with some nice moves linking corners together, but except for my first run I messed up one corner and ruined it.

Overall, a good time, and it's got me thinking about getting some studded tires going.
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