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After being "active" on the forums for almost 3 years, I've got an RS of my own. First, some background. Since 2001 I've driven exclusively 2-door vehicles. I've still got a bunch of them, but the herd is being thinned. We will see what goes to the chopping block first, but here's the run-down of my vehicles:

  • 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra (never selling)
  • 1994 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible (DD from 2005-2009)
  • 1995 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe (non-running project)
  • 1996 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe (non-driving project)
  • 1991 Nissan 240SX (DD from 2009-2015) <insert member journal link>:p
After driving my 240 for nearly 6 years, with no A/C and required maintenance piling up, I finally gave up on it as a DD early this year when the thermostat seemingly stuck shut. I decided to jump on a local RS that had been up on CL for a while.

Here are the pics from the ad, with commentary:

Not bad so far...

:unamused: Was hoping to avoid this since I'm in the Southeast. Oh well.

Oh nice, a love tap.

Pretty good angle, no 1/4 rust on this side...

Another minor bumper smooch...

OEM Fake carbon, y0...AUX & USB is nice, too

I'd say it's a good 10-foot fake...

Thanks for the cig burn in the driver's seat and the ashes in the ashtray. Yuck.

Almost 200K. I'll take a picture when I hit it. I'm hoping to get a good 5-6 years out of this car, maybe more if it grows on me. I'll be taking care of it.

I need to see about a PDR guy for this one...

So I go to check it out, since none of my mechanical concerns are really addressed. Dude really doesn't know much about the car, the person he bought it from did all of the mods. It's got some leaks, the ebrake didn't work (fixed), and the A/C belt squeals on cold starts. I made sure that it did indeed have an EJ251. The one tidbit the seller offered up: "It's got the boxer engine." :eek:rly:

From giving it a once over and noticing a bunch of little BS, I got him to knock a couple hundo off the price. Was hoping to go lower, but I walked away with it. For years, I'd said that I wanted a 4EAT Aspen White Sedan, but told GotJ that I'd settle for STM, and settle I have.

Said and done, it's a decent DD RS Sedan. I think I'll be undoing everything that's been done to it already.

-Initial Mods (from previous owner)-

  • AEM intake... going to go back to stock
  • Clear side markers, corners & turn signals... Amber corners and OEM amber side markers already installed. Might leave the turn signals.
  • Bumper vents painted black... I'll need to clean them up.
  • Grille cut out... not really bothered by the look, but I'll probably replace it at some point.
  • STI Catback & "custom" straightpipe from the cat... STI catback has a crack where the pipe meets the can, going to weld it temporarily and eventually I'll do a Stromung. I'll un-feck the pipe at some point, too.
  • Grounding kit... I think. Looks like amp hookup wire. Will likely redo it with some quality cable.
  • JDM Tails... undecided. I know everyone likes them, and they look fine, but I think amber looks good on STM.

-Other initial problems-

  • Knock sensor code... changed knock sensor, yay! FIXED
  • Rear O2 code...ordered sensor, replacing soon. Also have non-foulers if it needs to be spaced for whatever reason. Fixed 1/30/15
  • E-brake didn't work... took it to GotJ and figured out that it had new pads and e-brake shoes, they didn't adjust the shoes AT ALL. After turning the ratchety bits, got a working handbrake. Great, because I have a sloped driveway, and shifting out of park on a hill without a handbrake is a crappy feeling. FIXED
  • A/C Belt... need to change that.
  • Cracked P/S Front axle boot... replacement axle bought. Fixed 1/30/15
  • Needs tires... wanted to get the axle squared away and the brakes checked out first. Looking at Conti ExtremeContact DW's. DONE
  • External headgasket leak... :unamused: I rolled the dice on this. Coolant was low when I picked up the car, filled her up and it's lost 1/2 the reservoir in 2 weeks. I know GotJ can yank these engines out quickly, so hopefully he can give me a hand with that soon.
  • 4EAT shifts slow from 1-2 when cold... not really worried, because it does just fine after it warms up. Probably will do a service on it soon anyway.
  • Cluster lights go out if I turn off the fogs or switch to high beams... I'm at a loss on this one for now, but it's just a minor annoyance. They might have clipped a wire when they installed the stereo.
  • Starter is slow to retract.. whines a little when cold. Not problems starting again after warmed up, though.
  • Power mirrors aren't working. Probably the switch, since it's both. I'll find the wiring diagram and figure it out. FIXED. Dudebro unplugged the switch in the center console.
-Stuff I've done so far-

  • Changed Knock Sensor. No more codes.
  • Swapped side markers and corners.
Before (hood's popped):

After... much better if you ask me:

  • Swapped front passenger axle, changed fuel filter and rear O2

  • Keep it comfy. This is my DD, and will be for the foreseeable future.
  • Keep it in good working order. I think the guy I bought it from let a bunch of things go... so I'm going to rehabilitate and pamper it.
  • Not much else, probably some subtle mods, like exhaust, strut bar, rear sway, and maybe some seats in better shape.


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01 STM RS Sedan & MORE!
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Got the new front pass. side axle installed thanks to GotJ, we swapped the fuel filter and rear O2 at the same time. No more code seems to run much better. Love it!

No pictures because what happens at Subies-4-Less, stays at Subies-4-Less

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01 STM RS Sedan & MORE!
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GD wiper switch also installed on Friday... 5 minute job for intermittent wipers. Even got to enjoy them this morning.

2001 Impreza 2.5RS Sedan
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What year wiper stalk did you use? Wondering if a '06 will work for my '01, would love some variable intermittent wipers.

(Edit: yes, '06 works perfectly)

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01 STM RS Sedan & MORE!
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Random piccyness...
The excursion that probably led to my flat tire:

Shyte's blocked off, son. Need to do some work and B&E if we want to get in there:

Rear WRX seat swapperage:

Of course, no pics of the finished product... thanks to GotJ for helping me bend metal to get these to fit. AcquaCow's install thread has great advice in it.

Also, ended up being dumb and leaving my parking pass at home and had to park in the garage today. Saw this SVX and had to park next to it. I didn't have my phone, so I went back during lunch to put some stuff in the car and grab my rain jacket and snap a pic.

Ended up meeting the dude who was there for a smoke break with some coworkers. Ended up talking to him for like 45 minutes. Got his contact info, said he and his son put an EJ20T into his son's Legacy. Niiice.
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