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More driving light help....

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Alright, I finally got my driving lights hooked up tonight, per the instructions included with the lights. Just a couple of problems:

1. The lights won't come on, even when the high beams are on.
2. Now, every time I try to switch on my fogs, they blow a fuse.
3. I have an ABS light on my dash that won't shut off.

Any ideas what I may have done? How about if my ABS is functional or not? I pulled that fuse, it's still good. The light comes on when I start the car as usual, blinks once, and then just stays on.

Basically, I'm a jackass that shouldn't be allowed to own tools.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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1. What fuse do they blow?
2. Why did you remove the fuse for the ABS? (Did I read that right?)
3. What is the basic hookup?
4. Are you using a relay to provide power to the fogs, or are you running power from an existing power line (say, your headlights)?
1. Honestly, I don't know the number. I was using the guide on the inside of the "change drawer" that sits in front of the fuses. The fuse that is labeled "front fogs" is blowing each time I try to turn them on.

2. I only removed the fuse for the ABS once I realized that the dash light was not turning off, and then only to see if the fuse had blown.

3. The basic hookup, as best I can describe it, is as follows: I have one wire tapped into the the driver's side high beam lead. That wire runs directly back to the switch I installed in my dash. There is a wire for power that runs from the positive terminal of the battery into a relay. There is another wire that runs from the relay to each of the lights. (It's one wire that splits to go to the lights.) There is a wire that runs from my dash switch into the relay, and then there are seperate grounds for the dash switch, the relay, and each of the lights. Also, the dash swithc I'm using is not the one that came with the set-up. I bought one that would fit in an existing dash blank, and hooked it up as follows: The wire from the switch to the relay is on the terminal marked "power", the wire from the switch to the high beam lead is on the terminal marke "acc", and the ground wire is on the terminal marked "ground".

4. The fogs themselves are the factory set-up, not touched at all. The new lights are, as described above, on a relay, but are tied into the high beam lead.

I guess I'm confused by the issue with the fogs blowing their fuse, as they are not tied in to the new wiring at all. And the fuse only blows when I try to turn on the fogs, not the driving lights. And I can't figure out what in the hell the ABS light has to do with any of it.

One other (and possibly important) point, just to prove what an idiot I am...I forgot to disconnect the the positive battery terminal tonight when I was grounding the lights. Somehow, I just know this is where I cocked things up.

Thanks for the assistance....
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horatio102 said:
This is way :confused:
Horatio, you get the award for understatement of the year! :D

Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I'm going to have to wait until tonight to work on it more, but hopefully I can get it straightened. I'm pretty concerned about the ABS light, and I have no idea what's going on there....
A little good news, more bad news...

Well, the good news is that the ABS light is off on my dash.

The bad news is that now I have no instruments or turn signals at all. As close as I can tell, they quit working this morning on my way to work after the first time I tried to use my turn signal. The instruments are still back-lit when the headlights are on, but nothing is registering. No clock, warning lights, tach, speedo, or odometer. And, at this point, the circuit for the driving lights has been disconnected! Once I realized that there was a problem last night, I just pulled everything from the relay so there was not a complete circuit.

Oh, and James, to answer an earlier question: Yes, the wiring from Hella included in-line fuses for the wires between the battery and the relay and the high beam lead and the switch. I checked both of those last night, and they had not blown.

Additional info: At lunch today, I realized that I have no sunroof or windows as well. I still have my radio, rear defog, headlights, brakelights, and remote locking. I may just have to break down and take it to a local shop and pay them to figure it out, unless someone here has any more ideas...
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Problem sorted...for now

Well, I spent a little time on the car tonight, and I have things at least back the way they should be.

The "prudent" idea seemed to be to undo everything that I had done up to the problem arising. So, I went in and disconnected the battery, undid all the grounds, disconnected the switch, and pulled the wires. After that, I had to replace to fuses and all was good again.

So, I'm not sure where exactly the problem was, but it's gone now. Everything is operating the way it should, and I'll be waiting to re-install the lights until I'm with someone who has better electrical knowledge than me! :D :lol:

Thanks to everyone for your help. It's great to have this resource to turn to. I just hope I can return the favor sometime. said:
Drive on out guy - Colorado is not THAT far and I'm a wiring fool! :D
Thanks for the offer, James! :) I'm supposed to be going down to KC in March so Peaty can help me install my KYB's, and he may get roped into helping with the lights as well. Just don't tell him, because he doesn't know it yet! :lol:
Thanks, Nick. I've got everything back on an even keel for now, and I'm not touching it all again until I'm in the company of someone with more electrical knowledge than I!
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