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The Moderator Charter
The Moderators of are here to help keep this site a fun and informative place for Subaru Enthusiasts to congregate by way of enforcement of the rules.
In addition to the normal site rules, moderators must also follow these rules:

  1. Moderators are expected to be active. This does not mean sitting in front of your PC or iPhone 24/7, nor even every single day. However, the privilege of being a Moderator means you are expected to assist with the duties bestowed you. Moderators unable, or unwilling to do this could be asked to step down.
  2. Reported Posts are followed up. When a post is reported, and an action is taken, the Moderator will inform the form that something was done. This can be in the form of nothing more than a follow-up post in the thread in question. Often a member receives an infraction or warning for a post, but the public remains unaware of this action. This shows them that the poor behavior is indeed dealt with.
  3. No Reported Post is ignored. When a reported post is submitted, and we deem it unworthy of action, the reporter should be informed of this fact. The reported post thread should be moved to the "Private Support" forum, and an explanation of why it was not a reportable offence.
  4. Moderators are free to have opinions. We are Mods, but we are people too. Moderators are always free to contribute to this site, express an opinion and even get into lively/heated arguments on this site. We are Mods, but we are Members first.
  5. Moderators are NOT above the law. Any Moderator found to be acting unbecoming of a Moderator is subject to reprimand by the rest of the Moderator team. This means that any member of the site who witnesses questionable activity is expected to report this to the Moderators, regardless of who it is.
  6. If a user is in violation of a site rule, use the infraction system. You should edit the users post if applicable (after the infraction is given). No PM or messages need to be sent to the user as it is auto-generated by the Infraction system. If they are in violation of a non-post rule, such as classifieds hijack or avatar violation, please rep them on their most recent post. Courtesy warnings are to be given at the digression of the Moderator. If a user complains about a point, have them post a new thread in the Private Support Forum. Infraction and Warning (red and yellow) flags will be made visible to all users showing that an action was indeed taken on a post.
  7. We encourage free speech on this site, but we do expect it to be in the correct forum. Except for language which violates the law or these rules, no thread should ever be closed without good reason. However, off topic, NWS, or other types of offensive threads should be moved to the appropriate private area. On Topic, Off Topic, The RS Club, and NWS areas will be the general targets for stuff like this. If you cannot decide what to do with a thread, move it to the moderators area until we can decide the correct course of action.
  8. No person should ever be kicked out of the chat room, or otherwise subjected to the moderator "features" of the chat room such as room moving, etc., unless they are in clear violation of the site rules. If someone is, you must notify the moderator team of who it was and why action was taken. Please copy the chat room log and post the contents for our review.
  9. Liars will be punished.If a member says they have cleared something with the Admins/Mods of this site, contact us before taking action.
  10. You must NEVER encourage users to break the rules or mis-use the infraction system. Doing so will result in you losing your moderator status.
  11. No 4Sale ads in the main forumsIf someone posts a classified-like post (FS, WTB, WTT) anywhere in the forums, please close it and ask them to use the Classifieds.
  12. Tease and torment members carefully. If you REALLY know someone VERY well, it's probably okay. If you're not 100% sure they understand being teased (i.e., jokingly changing their sig or avatar) then leave them be.
  13. Use smilies when appropriate to let people know you are joking around. Some folks think moderators are always serious, and well ... shit, some folks need to get a clue! ;)
  14. You will report site problems, slowdowns, hackers, or anything that could potentially cause the site to be unresponsive or unfriendly to users in any way to the site admins ASAP so it can be fixed.
  15. While it can be difficult, I ask that all moderators encourage friendly discussion between all members, and between moderators and members. In the event a member is being rude or provocative towards a moderator, please report the post so the rest of the Moderator team can help deal with it.
  16. If you have a problem or altercation with a member, consider asking another moderator for their opinion before engaging that member.
Types of Moderators
  • Power Moderator - Identified by Black lettering for their user name. These Moderators have been long standing members of both the site, and the moderator team. They are to be considered an Authority with regards to how runs.
    (Skidd, NW OBS, Joshua)
  • Super Moderator - Identified by Blue lettering for their user name. These Moderators are core of Moderator team. They patrol and monitor all aspects of the site. These Moderators are ARE the sites rule enforcers.
    (AcquaCow, akcel, Angry Toaster, Jurzeyfresh, JZ oo7, mad doc, Mikey B, RoadRunner, Siper2, subyroo, Tim.Flat4, Wedge)
  • Noob Moderator - Identified by ???? lettering for their user name. These Moderators are usually new to the Moderator team. They are, in essence, Mods in training. But, don't let the lack of super powers fool you, they are still enforcers of the site rules.

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* Jan 10, 2010: revised format and a few additions.
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