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mini meet

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Ok well first off I hope this is in the right forum. If not, SORRY!:rolleyes:

For all you southern CA. people, theres going to be a mini meet in the city of Walnut this saturday at 11 am. I'm wondering if anyone is interested? Last time there were only WRX folks and i think us GC8 should go and represent. Lets make sure those WRX guys know we're still alive n kickin. :boxer: I dont want to be the only GC8 there, there has to be someone around area right?

Post if anyones interested.heres the original thread donut tree

Take the 60 east or west
Exit Fairway - go north
Turn right on Valley Blvd.
Turn left on Lemon
Look for a Chevron on the right side about 1 mile down and the Donut Tree is on the right side of it.
:nuetron: :nuetron:
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Is there anyone from L.A. area?? I'm guessin not.. :(

so lonely....:( :( :(
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