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-= Table of contents =-
post #01 table of contents & introduction
post #04 List of mods I have on my car
post #07 pics of when I first got my car
post #12 pics of the beginning of my swap
post #13 saved for something

:banana:Hi, my name is Mike :) This is my members journal and ill try my best to keep it up to date.

A little history about me: I have had my 2001 2.5rs since April of 06. This wasn't my first Subaru but it is my first full on project car, I love my RS. I would be lying if i haven't had thoughts of throw the towel in on this one... But when it came down to it i couldn't do it. The coup RS is just too damn sexy! ;)

My plans for the car: Over the years since I first purchased this car i have had many ideas where I want to go with this car but I finally decided that im going to go for a Ver.6 style exterior look. Short of JDM tail lights i think i have what i need to complete the look. Well a fresh coat of STM paint looks to be in order as well. :)
So far as my GO Fast Bits under the hood. I think I'm good for now with the exception of a good tune. After I get her tuned I'm going to start saving for a good set of PPG gears for the trans.


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08 STI~SSM, 01 RS~STM, 95 L~CR
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The stuff in Black is a mod I have already.
The Pink is upcoming mods.

____________________My Mod’s list to date___________________

Fuel & Tuning:
-Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
-DW 850cc injectors

Exhaust / Intake:
-APS up pipe
-APS equal length exhaust manifold
-APS ss45 Turbo (td06 20g 8cm)
-SR*S 3” w/4” bell down pipe
-HKS 3” hi-power catback Replica
-GMS 3" Catback system
-Apexi Power intake
-AVO turbo inlet pipe
-STI intake manifold
-XS power FMIC

Drive train:
-2004 Forester XT motor swap (ej255)
-Cobb Tuning light weight pulley (Gold)
-Beatrush pitch stopper
-Power Enterprise Kevlar timing belt
-STI crossmember
-STI oil pan
-WRX oil cooler
-Cusco STI motor mounts set
-Odyssey light weight battery
-CX Racing aluminum radiator
-2005 WRX trans, dif, drive shaft, axels
-ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate w/ street disk
-ACT Prolite Flywheel
-Cobb Tuning adjustable short shifter
-Cobb Tuning hardened shifter bushings
-Kartboy hardened rear shifter bushing
-Cusco trans mount
-Agency Power Steal Braided clutch line

-STI steering wheel (my04)
-STI F/R seats (my06)
-STI blue carpet (my06)
-STI floor mats (black)
-STI titanium Piston shifter knob
-STI JDM v6 gauge cluster w/kph to mph conversion
-Defi style 60mm center dash Tri gauge pod
-Defi PF link controller v2
-Defi PF Imperial Amber gauges: Boost, EGT, Fuel pressure, Oil pressure
-AEM Gauge-Type Wideband UEGO Controller (air/fuel gauge)

-STI v6 front lip
-STI v6 grill
-STI fog light covers
-STI v6 rear bumper w/spats
-JDM lightweight bumper beams F/R
-STI v6 Spioler
-JDM flat fuel door
-JDM clear corner lights
-Clear bumper light and side markers

Wheels & Tires:
Wheel - BBS RK 17x7
Tires - Hankook Ventus HRII 215-45-17

Need another set of wheels.... ?

-Cusco GC8 Impreza Front Sway Bar 21mm
-Whiteline Front sway bar pushings
-Cusco GC8 Impreza Rear Sway Bar 21mm Adj.
-Kartboy GC F/R solid endlinks
-Koni/Gymkhana suspension

-Subaru WRX Red 4/2pots conversion
-Goodridge SS braided brake line

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accordin to wiki its suppose 2 put out 225hp, but u nevr kno since ppl can edit the website themselves

that motors a pretty good buy
jus buy a coupl hundred dollars worth of upgrades and u got a sti motor, much better then goin wrx swap, then wanting an sti

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08 STI~SSM, 01 RS~STM, 95 L~CR
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How much power does the Forester XT motor put down stock??
Great car BTW, can't wait to get some updates on it.
Not 100% sure, but I have heard any place from 210-265hp stock. I know it has the same block as STI and same turbo as WRX (td04). The bonus off the bat of FXT motor is more displacement (2.5L turbo ready) at a lower price than a STI motor.

Does the forester XT tranny fit in the RS too or do you have to use a WRX or STi tranny???
Yes it does, I have been told that its a better trans than the WRX, because it has better gear ratio (4.44 final drive) and the gears are stronger. I didn't learn of this until after I purchased my WRX trans.

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the motor looks clean!!

Can't wait to see progress!

Are you merging the wiring harness yourself?
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