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Mid-14s 1/4 mile 2.5RS possilbe?

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is it possible without internals? has anyone accomplish this? what mods would it take if it is possible?

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I would say you'd HAVE to get cams to make it in to the mid 14s. Other mods you'll need is exhaust, intake, pulleys and a high flow cat. You'll also probably need to shed as much weight as you can.
matt, you forgot flywheel :D

i think i basically know the ingredients, but just wanna know if it's been done before.

Breaking 14's

Ok JZ 007!

I will keep you posted. I have ran 15.3 1/4 acouple of times.
I now have Tein Suspension, Hood scoop over the intake, soon Fidanza Flywheel, and ACT clutch Installed!! I hope to break 14's full interior ON 17's. I will rpbably run with my 16's just cause they are lighter!!

Oh yea i Ran a 15.3 with
intake, UD pulley, and cat back exhaust!!
ummm. i know of people who run 13s with only 5 pounds pf boost. runng any kind of forced induction, itd be very very hard not to run atleast a 14.5.
CriboRS said:
ummm. i know of people who run 13s with only 5 pounds pf boost. runng any kind of forced induction, itd be very very hard not to run atleast a 14.5.

NA= No turbo
sidewayz said:
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....not a link to the enemy!!
Everything that was once on that car, is now gone..
oops forgot which forum we were in.
CriboRS: 13s with 5psi? really?

13's on @ 5 psi is probably do-able, though that is probably not being to friendly to the tranny. Come to think of it, 13's seems kinda low for a 5 psi RS. Larry Ganz made some low 13 second passes at 6000 ft. and 14 psi (20% loss of power at that altitude), but maybe im just being pessimistic. I think that those would probably be HIGH 13's, depending upon other mods, such as a flywheel.

Should be able to do it

14's should be doable without new cams.(cam timing is a different story) You will have to optimize the setup for drag racing, clean up the intake tract, open the exhaust, optimize the suspension, alignment and most of all perfect your driving skills. .1 lost in the 60ft =.2 at the other end. Slipping clutches cost time and hurt the big end too. Clean up the shifting as much as possible, find the best shift points and soon you'll be seeing 14sec runs. Practice is key, consistency is the goal so that changes in setups are shown more prominently as opposed to drivers margin of error.
its possible but not easy. wolveRS from clubsi Si (i dont remeber his name at i-club its different though) recently ran a 13.9 running 5psi, and that was spinning out all the way through fisrt gear, thats right, he spun out all four tires. so he is capable of clicking off an even lower time.
with a good set up and ECU managment like tec-ii or haltech (which wolve DIDN'T have), 13's is obtainable on 5psi.
Poppa Smurf said:

NA= No turbo
actually NA=naturally or normally aspirated

scratch that. i just found out that run was done on only 4psi.
14s are possible without turbo or cams

I raced a guy that was pulling a 14.85 quarter mile and won by about 2 1/2 car lengths. I had a decent start (spun the tires for about a second) which is probably the reason that I won. I was also being REALLY hard on the tranny by power shifting, but I dont do it very often, so im not too worried. My synchros are definitly getting a beating (going into third it grinds a little). Here is a list of my performance mods so you can kind see what I am running. Also I am at about 1500 feet in elevation.

Working Hood Scoop and vents
COBB Intake
ScoobyRacing Torque Chip II
Direct Hits Ignition
Borla Header
Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Arospeed Muffler
Rallispec Cat-Eliminator Pipe
Exedy Flywheel
ClutchMaster Stage III Clutch
COBB Short Throw w/ CUSCO Bushing
H&R Springs w/ KYB AGX Struts
20mm Rear Sway Bar
Front Strut Tower Brace
STI Tranny Mount
STI Engine Mounts

Also when I raced him I didnt have the COBB intake or the Torque Chip, I had a Weapon R Intake when the race occured.:mad:

Hope this helps:)
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My car had a best run of 13.91 at 5 psi non-intercooled.
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