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Hey Guys sorry to lay this down on ya on such a short notice but I'm trying to see who would be interested on a meet this Saturday My cousin is having a meet with his Supra Club, since the meet is around my area he asked me if I wanted to go well not to be outdone I'm rolling my Scoob!!!! so I asked him that if it would be cool if perhaps both clubs can hang-out he said sure he would talk to the guys see what they had to say so with that said I'd like to see who might be interested on coming again I know this is a very short notice but hey what the hell....
We Gotz Represent dawgs... anyway the place is Yankee Doodels
in the lovely city of Woodland Hills I'm going to try to place a post on their site as well I have gone to two meets with My cuz' they got some sick rides an 820Hp Supra!!!! some dude is sponsored by HKS he gotz a fucking sick ride!!!!! anyway I'll see if I can get WRX's to go too, if you guys need directions let me know or call me at 818.968.2855

Peace and Chicken Grease....HMMMMM Chicken grease!!!!


Ohh! one thing I forgot according to my cousin there is about 40 to 50 Supras that are supposed to be going and that'snot couting the ones that have not replied to the thread so I'll keep you posted and on What's going on....

The Meet is sometime around twelve in that afternoon and they are talking about going for a cruise after that perhaps to the Race track in Castaic Lake....!!!:checkit:
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