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meet pics from today 1/12

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hope they work
today was so fun :D
for once i didn't have to drive 5 hours to philly or nj for a meet
guess there was around 20 cars...too lazy to count =P
I do like Samir's wrx door adds a dyno proven 15hp hehe
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So what was the story with the STI there - are they going to start selling them over here or what?
you mean this thing?

I think Langston Subaru just stuck a bunch of aftermarket and STi stuff on that WRX, stuck an STi sticker on it and jacked up the price :)
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Don't you love it when dealerships put wings, wheels and stickers on a car then sell it as a $4000 option. I'd be embarassed driving that thing.

Unless of course it was real.:)

what's wrong with it?

that's the owner of langston subaru's car

what's so bad about it? the bbs wheels, the mrt wing, all the sti parts?
can't help it they are a mrt dealer and sell sti parts and would like to show off their stuff
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Nothing is wrong with it, I just wondered if it really had the 280hp engine.
wish i had a pic of his last car... a 98 rs with a rimmer sc :drool:
Ah so it's the Owner's WRX, nice. Do they warrenty aftermarket stuff ;)

I'll take the BBS wheels off his hands though and powdercoat them gold...:drool:
moss said:
Do they warrenty aftermarket stuff ;)

have no idea, i beat my subie to death and it refuses to break.
im pretty sure they do warranty aftermarket parts, just as
long as its not the reason the car broke.
can we post your pic eric?
wonder what happens when i hit 200??
hey those were pics from the "48 hrs of Tri- State"

Billyqua the one with the first and real door mod
wow whose multicolor wagon? i think theres like 8 colors to it!
the wagon is eric's (5doorDrift)'s really a slow car though heh
all his cars are slow especially the s/c type r :p
i can't help it i'm a picture whore heh
And you're punctuation/capitalization challenged! :lol:

Good Pics...I wish we could get more than three of us together at a time in Indy!
punctuation and capitalization is overated
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