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I just registered for the forum and I have recently purchased a 1993 impreza L, FWD. I am coming for a 500HP evo x which can be found in Grimmspeed's sponsored cars. I recently had a child (not me, but this girl I had sex with gave birth 8 months ago) and I decided that Interstate Pulls to 170+ were no longer a good idea. so, my quest to kill the streets is done and its time to kill the track.

I have been a member on Nasioc since about 2005, owned a 2006 wrx and 2006 sti. both of which were built for auto X. I switched over to straight line in 2008 with my evolution X, as it was so easy to make power. My evo would of easliy ran a 10 sec 1/4 but I never took it to the track.

Now onto the subaru-

Sponsored by Grimmspeed and Built not Bought Automotive. Work close with All aspects Motorsports and Maperformance

I recently installed a new clutch, starter, valve cover gaskets, plugs, wires, ran seafoam through the crank case to clean it out. Installed to tan leather Acura RSX type-S seats (look a lot like sti seats) and i have been driving it for a daily to see how its holding up. She needs some work, but runs healthy.

heres a list of mods to come very soon-

Power -
ebay fmic
all aspects motorsports/vern uppipe and downpipe
aem meth ran individually to each runner
walbro 255lph fuel pump
possibly new OEM fuel injectors (to ensure max flow)
Tial 50mm bov
tial 38mm EWG
BNBAuto custom downpipe back exhaust
a/c delete
new radiator
oil cooler

I plan on running about 3psi and a wideban with det cans/knock light and no tunning as of yet. I will run straight Meth and see gow the AFR's hold up on that low of boost. Hopefully I can just get about 20whp without much effort.

Suspension is a touchy subject. I currently trying to decide if i want to buy a 2002 wrx that was rolled and swap everything over. it comes with everything, motor and all. until that decision is made...

Tein coilovers Basic Dampening from a Donor (best friend Ernie)
WRX front calipers/brake setup (courtesy of Projektphoto)
SS lines
brembo fluid
Hawk Pads
WRX wheels (courtesy of all aspects motorsports)
Sticky tires
Grimmspeed Brake Master Cylinder Brace

4 point rear cage
1 Racing seat
2 sets of harnesses
rear interior removed
all airbag equipment removed
NRG wood trim steering wheel
radio brought down to 2 rear speakers (for the days I drive it to work and meets)

Front Splitter
Full under body splitter
Rear under body diffuser

This is a as of right now. I am currently selling the evo and waiting to sell off all extra parts from that before i truly get started on the Subaru. I am also building a 1998 BMW 328i for a new daily. I use to have a scion XB as a daily but someone hit me this past December and totaled it. I hope I can find alot of information here in RS25 and I look forward to updating the thread with pictures and results.

A baseline Dyno pull will go down next weekend and I will post results.
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