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2000 OBS, 2004 WRX Wagon
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hey guys, i'm looking to pick up a ej251 tomorrow so i can rebuild it with sti internals and turbo it. anyways my question is, would it be possible to swap on the intake manifold from a) my ej221 b) '99 ej253 so it would be a MAF based car? i've heard from a few people around my area that MAP cars don't like being upgraded/turbo'd. would there be any complications with wiring? I'm thinking of using a '98 rs ECU (my car is a '98) with a piggyback but i really don't know all that much about engine management.

also, would it be possible to just build the '99 ej253 instead? would the wiring be compatible or would i have to merge harnesses? any input would really be appreciated
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