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Hey Guys,

So I know that the M2 and M3 ECUs are supposed to be identical. What I can't trace down is if there are major changes across years. For instance, I have 2 ECUs made in 1996 (M2 and M3) but also an M2 ECU from 2002. What benefits and drawbacks do either come with - if there are any changes. The 2002 M2 ECU seems to like to throw the P1445 code (air assist solenoid valve) while the 1996 M3 ECU has not thrown that code (yet).

Secondly, the main harness I swapped into my car years ago has additional wiring coming off the ECU for what I believe is a standalone unit. What I want to know is what this plug goes to. If it's wired in properly, getting a standalone would be easier for me.

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