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Has anyone swapped in an EJ20Y or EJ20X? I can't find a lot of information on them.

04 05 Subaru Legacy 2 0L DOHC Dual VVT Turbo Engine Transmission JDM EJ20X | eBay

The motors are selling fairly cheap for a somewhat new motor.

Below is what I've read, feel free to add or correct if wrong.

-Twinscroll turbo, weird turbo set up, replacing the turbo would mean all new piping.
-Variable valve timing on intake and exhaust
-open deck
-9.5:1 compression
-Motor is out of a Legacy 05/06
-240 hp, spool is quick but runs out of breath up top

For 1500 bucks the twinscroll turbo and avcs are appealing. I haven't looked that hard for wiring diagrams.

Any help or suggestions would be great.
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