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Lips that look good with stock side skirts?

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What lips look GOOD with the stock side skirts. I have the V5/6 lip but I'm in the mood for somthing more daring.
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hey i can take that v6 lip off your hands if you don't want it anymore. :D
Many lips look great with the side skirts...

The Greddy lip will do fine...someone sells a P1 replica...Check out the UK board for what they have available...
I had the greddy lip on fr awhile(till a mailbox took it out:mad: )with the stock sideskirts(all black with unpainted lip) didnt look bad.Now ive go the version 6 lip,never hurts to have a spare;)
fishguy has a nice lip. Forgot wich version it is though. check his post in the gallery to see it. :)

want to get rid of the v6 lip?? hehe
the lip is damaged and not sure if it can be fixed. but will let you guys know if it can.
fishguy has a nice lip. Forgot wich version it is though. check his post in the gallery to see it.

I believe thats the version 5 lip.
Do you guys know anyone (or if you personaly wanna get rid of)
a Greddy lip ?????:sunny: we wants
can someone email me with a "sure way" of getting a P1 replica frint lip.

Cwest front lip!!! Search i-club for that. It looks good and it isn't too big and no one has it either.
I second the greddy lips looks perfect. If you want a pic check out my thread in the members pages.
I read that the Greddy scrapes even on stock height! It looks cool but it also looks low. There's way too many speedbumps and crap here for that.
I almost forgot that I have a Greddy Lip in the rafters in my garage:checkit: I have too many snowboard trips planned, gues I'll get it painted and install it sometime this summer:p
I really like the look of the SOA wrx lip on the GC8! I think one or two people on I-club have done this and it's not too low.
im working on a sure way to get the P1 front lip. i know a contact with Prodrive and he said he would help me find a good replica because the OE bumber off the P1 is too much$$$ im waiting to hear from him.......

if anyone else knows of a better way, please let me know.

The P1 lip freaking rocks. If anyone can find replica P1 lips, let me know. It looks great but I am not going to pay $489 for a front lip from Tire Rack.
They should be done shortly. Target price ~ $300 for CF one and $200 for fiberglass ones.
Imprezer is making P1 replicas like someone said a page back.
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