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Lightweight Pulleys Installed!

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Well, after about 4 hours in James' freezing garage, the pullies are finally on.:biggest: Right of the bat, I noticed all the hesitation down low pretty much gone and once my feet defrosted, and I could feel the pedals again, the throttle reponse was much improved. A definite mod for everybody out there.

And mucho thanks once again to James for his help and his garage.
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4 hours, huh? :flame: You got the 3-piece kit? From where? If you got the 3-piecer, did you check/feel the weight difference between the Power steering and alternator to the lightweight ones? Worth it for the extra two?
Yeah four hours, here's the way a real man installs parts:

1. Take off belt overs
2. Remove belts
3. Realize the fans are in the way of the crank pulley, spend 20 minutes trying to figure out if you're gonna drain and pull the radiator or not.
4. Remove just the fans
5. Break one of the plastic wire fittings trying to losen it
6. Realize the fans can't be removed without removing the overflow tank first.
7. Spill antifreeze all over removing the tank
8. FInally get the fans moved aside
9. Realize you don't have a 22mm socket for the crank pulley
10. Go to Del Taco and get a double cheeseburger
11. Go to Sears and get a 22mm socket, impact wrench, and wait ten minutes while the guy looks up my Sears account number
12. Go home and realize the crank bolt is so tight you need a longer wrench/breaker bar.
13. Search garage for old 3 foot steel pipe you used to have, realize it's gone
14. Go to local hardware store and have them cut another 3 foot pipe
15. Try like crazy to losen the bolt - the engine keeps spinning no matter what you do.
16. Put the wrench on the bolt, lay it on a piece of wood on the fender, turn the engine over to loosen the bolt
17. Remove pulley
18. Realize you don't have a 24mm socket for the alternator bolt
19. Remove the alternator so you can be sure you get the right size socket
20. Go back to Sears and get a 24mm socket
21. Come back and swap all the pulleys
22. Spend 10 minutes trying to re-mount the alternator because it is such a tight fit.
23. Spend ten minutes putting back everything.

So, if we had all the tools, this would have been a 30 minute job. Since we didn't, it took 4 hours!!!!! :lol:
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:lol: Well done, fellas! Definately, definately worth the time spent! Keep up the good work!
Sounds like my ALK install. 2.5 hrs with running around for one side, 20 min for second side.:biggest:
Cool!! Does that mean you have it down pat for when I buy my pullies?:)

Nick C.
Very! Oh, I forgot to post the pictures! I'll get them up soon!

Love those instructions!
When I get my pulleys in a few weeks, you should have another InstallFest :)
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