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Lightened pullies... would anyone be interested?

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Hi everyone-
I've been talking to a machine shop about making pullies and just wondering if there is anyone out there who would be interested... It would be a three pulley set, similar to the N1 pullies. To keep costs down only one color will be offered for now, proabably either black or silver. The cost will be no higher than $210 shipped, less if enough people are interested... I need at least 10 people to make this happen though.

I'll be putting the prototype on my car this week to check out the quality, but the shop I'm working with does great stuff so it should be top notch.

Again, this would be a three pulley set.... crank, power steering, and alternator. They would NOT be underdriven, just lightened. They will fit any 1999+ EJ25.

I know a lot of people already have pullies, but I just thought I'd ask since I would just have to reproduce what I'm having made for my car and the price would be really good. Just reply on here if you're interested or have any input on this. Thanks!
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I may be interested as long as you could use the stock belt with them. And they are being sold by Larry Ganz for like 225 or so already if the price was under 200 I would definatly be in
Yes, you will be able to reuse the stock size belts. Last I checked, the pullies on Larry's site were $249.95+shipping. I'm aiming for a price of under $200, but like I said the absolute highest the price will be is $210 shipped. The more interest, the lower the price will go.
I'd be interested. I've been planning on doing pulleys soon anyway.
Can you get them to be as light as or lighter than the ones already offered from other sites? I do know that durability is at stake if they do get really light, but if you can ask the guys who's making it and get a reasonable answer I'm sure I'm in, also.
I'm working on taking off a little more weight, but like you said durability is at stake. Really the only place to take off more weight is on the crank pulley... I'll see what I can do. Also, the more machining they have to do, the more the pullies might cost... just a thought. I should know more later on tonight, and I should have the prototype by next week.

I'm also working on a ram air intake using the hood scoop... bugs me to no end that it doesn't do anything! :curse: Any thoughts on this are also appreciated. I'm trying to make something that looks "stock" but is very, very functional. I have a meeting on Friday about that, so if you have any questions let me know now so I will have good answers for you :)
thoughts on the scoop intake

It would be nice if there was a nice closed gap between and intake and the scoop. Ideally both pieces would line and up meet seamlessly. Perhaps a screen or pre-filter could stop unwanted debris/birds/bugs, etc. If you made this, and made it right, I'd be the first on your list.
Right now I'm looking at using molded plastic for the intake... it would line up and seal with the scoop. I've had a few different ideas as to how to tackle this, but after my meeting tomorrow I should have a better idea of which plan would be easiest to go with as far as production. I want to do this right, so it will probably take awhile working with prototypes before I release something.

As for the pullies, the price will be under $200 before shipping. For the inital 10-15 sets I'll proabably run an intro price of around $190 for the set shipped. Again, I should know more once the prototype set is done and they can give me an exact cost for the initial run.
You must be clearing quite a bit at that price. Even for a set of 3 pulleys. What material are you using?
I want to purchase the power streering and alternator pulleys but NOT the crankshaft pulley. I would never remove my harmonic balancer. Can I buy just those two pulleys?
Right now it looks like they will be milled from 6061 t6 aluminum.

It shouldn't be a problem getting the other two pullies, especially if there are others interested who already have a lightened/UD pulley, or don't want to switch out the stock crank pulley.

I should have a few sets done by next Friday, and if everything is in order I can start shipping shortly after that.
Possibly interested. I've been looking at getting the N1 lightened kit but will definitely keep on eye on this thread.
i too would be interested. what is the down side of replacing the crank pulley?
My opinion on the crankshaft pulley: The stock pulley is also a harmonic balancer. It dampens vibrations and harmonics that are present in any engine. Many people have been using light-weight aluminum pulleys with apparently no adverse affects. You will notice that the stock pulley is actually two pieces with rubber in between. I think people who have had the light-weight pulley installed for a couple of years would find more wear on the #1 main bearing than a car with a stock pulley. Please note that this is just my two cents worth and should be taken with a grain of salt. I do think a light-weight crankshaft pulley is probable good for 6-7HP though. It is a judgement call...
Demo set should be here by monday, if all is well these will go on sale sometime in the next two weeks.

Would black or silver finish be prefered? I'm only doing one color to keep costs low, at least for now. The sub $200 price looks like a go as well.
I vote black!

Sleeper effect! :D
Silver - 1
Black - 1

Anyone care to break the tie? :)
So would I, but I was trying to think of neutral colors that would blend in with anyone's "color scheme" :) I can do any color though, just need to decide on one for now unless there is enough interest in different colors, i.e. 10-15 people who want a certain color, and 10+ who want another.

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