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how about we set a place and time?

i guess we need a place with a big parking lot, that has a table that can seat 8 people (i dont expect more then 5 to show up)

and an empty street near by :devil:

one of my suggestions would be Purple Dot Cafe in china town.
it's new, and food is good and not expencive.

Other is all you can eat buffet in Bellevue, corner of 2nd and 104(right by toys 'r' us)

Or we can meet up for lunch at Dixies BBQ (best food eva!!) around 1pm. Located in bellevue, on the corner of 520 and 405
I'll give address and directions to these who dont know.

ideas? alternatives?

Lets do it this or next Friday.
Who said we have to depend on i-club?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts