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1995 V2 STi RA, 2010 ExigeS240
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Hey Subaru enthusiasts!

We'll start with a brief intro: My name is Tyler and I'm currently a cadet at the United States Military Academy - West Point. I'm originally from S. Korea and immigrated at the age of 13. Let's just say that I've been a car freak since I was young and I agree that it's my passion above anything else.

With some hard work and help of my parents, I used to own a 2006 STi. I had some exterior goodies, Cobb Protuned with minor bolt-ons (Invidia catless TBE, Intake). Car went 12.7 1/4 mile @ 108.xx mph. Needless to say, the car was awesome and was my baby.

After getting accepted to USMA, I knew I couldn't keep my car for long. As of August, the car is gone....:( I miss her so dearly. It's a policy that we can't own a car on post until after spring break of Junior year. Being about a year away, I figured I'd start planning for this project.

I'm JUST starting to put puzzle pieces together now so once it's that time to work, I'd have it all planned out. Besides, it's something that will motivate me all year and so on. I decided on the project since I just LOVE the gc body and saw how many people were swapping this thing all over the place. I loved the GD impreza, but I want something *different* and original.

My goals: ~400whp 93 octane Daily Driver (I'll only be driving on the weekends mostly if I'm on post... so I guess it's a weekend driver), something crazy, and something that will make me never sell my subaru (which I know I never will if this project becomes complete)

<Plans so far>

Vehicle: 97-01 Subaru Impreza L Coupe, 4wd, 5spd

1. strip everything down to shell... paint black

-Raw performance (former Axis) Track Series Block
-Raw performance Track Series Heads
-Hydra EMS

(this may change... might just go with track series block and wrx/sti heads with minor build)--- depends on cash...

-send the 5spd to Andrewtech.... 1-4 straight cut PPG gears, 5th stock or helical ppg. OR sti 6spd (I don't really care about DCCD though... so leaning towards the 5spd)

-UR gt35r kit/P&Lgt35r..... OR gt30r (depending on what I'd do with engine)
-all the mods to support it obviously.

-FP Green.. (if I was going with stock sti engine)

-Aerosim gc8 wrc widebody kit
-cf hood, trunk

That's the car in a nutshell.. Obviously it doesn't cover everything, but just getting to all the big stuff here.

My fund-wise... Let's just say I have about $30k to mess with. The problem is I'm not a super-mechanic and I don't really have the space to do it... but I'm hoping I'll do enough research, find a place around here, have the tools, and all the help I could get from you guys and friends. Besides, I think this would be an awesome learning experience... my timeline will be about 6-12 months long for this project... even more if needed.

Is this project do-able? Someone might say, "you can do anything with money." Well, if that was the case, I'd just take it to a shop right? My goal here is to save some cash by doing the work by myself and LEARN from it.

Another alternative is to start small... say, get sti donor car and full swap... then build my way up with the power & other mods. But then again, this would have been great if I didn't own a sti.. I'm power hungry. haha.

Any advice/comments are appreciated. I only want advices on the project... not why I should just get a nice DD and be done with it. I'm serious about this project and have been saving/thinking about it since we got rid of the sti. I know there's a lot of info here, but I'm just drawing a rough sketch. We could go into details all day/all night long... and I won't mind :D
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