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Legacy GT rims

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I'm thinking about getting a set of Legacy GT rims for the time being.. (If I get them.. I'm going to sell my 98' golds to anyone who'se willing)

Anyone know where I could find them?? Maybe a Subaru dealer could order them?

Is there a Legacy forum somewhere?
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If you get them from a dealer they will cost a fortune. Check the Legacy forum on the I club first then do a search. I was considering them at one time and there is a place on line that had them for a diecent price. If all else fails try they have use subaru stuff.
Ten years ago Honda wanted $350 a piece for the 15" alloys for my mom's '92 Accord. Dealerships tend to charge a small fortune. You'd be better off going to and finding something else.

But do like he said and check out the i-club (legacy and classified) and then maybe USMB.
All 4 at $200 a piece.. If I sell my rims (98' golds) for like 400 (riiiiight).. Then I'll only have spent $200 on rims..

There really light.. I checked them out at my subaru dealer today (I told them to order 2 more so I could get the full set).. Does anyone know how much abuse they can take??

Also.. Anyone know how much I could get for a set of 98' golds?

I'm thinking about just selling my rims and getting P7's..

I could live with the Legacy GT's..

Anyone have anything bad to say about them?
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Well, I dont know how strong the legacy rims are, but Paul Eklund of Primitive motorsports uses it on his rally car, so it should be strong (although I'm not sure if he used it for rally). Anyways, from the strength of the stock RS rims, they should stand up fairly well. As for the 98RS Rims, there A LOT of people who are interested in the gold rims so... you should be able to get rid of them for a better price. (sorry to those who wanted these for 400);) . If you want, go rip those WRX guys off at the other club. I'm sure someone there are willing to pay a lot for them (sorry for not liking the other club)
haha.. Thanks for the reply :)
I'll give it a try over at the "Other Club"
Dude, contact Paul Eklund at Primitive Motorsports. He has a source for getting Legacy GT wheels CHEAP.
I found a guy that's willing to sell me a set for about $220 (He's local)..

$220.00 is a pretty sweet price for a set of rims..

Thanks a lot Porter.. If I didn't find someone offering them cheap.. I would have gone through Primitive.. Thanks for the link!

I traded someone straight up, my 00RS rims for Legacy GT rims. I love these things... :)

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for future reference for others (since you seem to have found some) try your local junkyard. legacys are much more common than imprezas so you may be able to find some rims for dirt cheap that are in good condition.

about the strength, these rims are very similar to stock RS wheels. basically, its the same thing that looks different.
They're not the same thing, that looks different, no. The Legacy rims are 3-4lbs. heavier, each...and they're only 6.5 inches wide, as opposed to 7 inches.
Not to mention the 6.5" rims will not clear 4-pot brakes either.

I do love the look of them though.
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