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would i be able to use the cusco lateral and trailing arms made for the rs with my 02+ drivetrain(02+ brakes,driveshaft,axles,diff)?
I'm not totally sure of your answer because I'm not sure of what you have. Are you rocking your L with an 02' wrx rear subframe? I have an 04's full swap including the rear subframe. I had issues because my swap was from a roll and my rear hub was bent along with a lateral link. I'm almost 100 percent positive that the rs lateral link is slightly shorter then the gd lateral link. If you ran these you would get more negative camber which isn't really a bad thing but you wanna make sure you're not getting horrible wear on your tires. If you have rear camber plates then it doesn't really matter.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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