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2000 BRP Coupe
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Updated: 02/01/2014

My old IWSTi journal,

Table of Contents:

1. Parts list manifesto
2. Suspension installed
3. Build post "Day 1" - Electronics
4. Build post "Day 2" - Engine Swap
5. Build post "Day 3" - Tuning
6. Build post "Day 4" - Odds and Ends

"tell me to swap, i'll tell you kiss my ass!!" - joejoe69



Block Keepin' it budget
  • EJ253 water pump
  • EJ255 short block
  • EJ257 11mm oil pump
  • EJ257 pistons
  • EJ257 head gaskets CR +/- 9:1
  • EJ257 oil pan and pick-up
  • EJ20H twin turbo legacy heads (Hydraulic lash adjusted valves)
Turbo Bits
  • APEXI 2.5" air filter (spare)
  • Custom downpipe with Invidia piping
  • Custom rotated V-banded up-pipe
  • Custom FMIC w/ blow-through MAF
  • Custom 4-1 OEM NA Subaru header
  • Deatschwerks Phase 1 to 2 injector spacers
  • Extended Turbo XS 3" stealthback midpipe
  • EJ20K intake manifold
  • Forge BOV
  • GMS aluminum radiator
  • GS vacuum block
  • Grimmspeed 8mm phenolic spacers
  • Grimmspeed LW crank pulley 'red'
  • JDM V2 STi TD-05 16G, upgraded to EVOIII compressor wheel and housing
  • OEM Airbox
  • SPT 3" Axleback exhaust
  • SPT Gray oil cap
  • SPT Gray battery tie-down
  • STi Group N hardened exhaust hangers
  • Tial 38mm wastegate 10 psi spring, side exit dump
  • Universal oil cooler
  • Venom 660cc side feed injectors
  • Walbro 255lph fuel pump

Engine Control
  • 98 Impreza OBS ECU for EGR delete
  • 52mm Innovate LC-1 wideband
  • 52mm Prosport Premium blue/white electronic boost gauge
  • 52mm Prosport Premium blue/white oil pressure gauge
  • AEM FI/C-8 w/ MAC 3-port boost solenoid, 2.2k jumped cam and crank sensors
  • GM IAT sensor
  • Honda battery
  • MSD 8239 Blaster ignition coil
  • MSD 8.5MM Super conductor universal wires
  • MSD Wire loom separators
  • NGK BKR7EIX Iridium spark plugs (One step colder)
  • Squeeze Performance thermal spark plug boots
  • Sun Auto Hot Izama ECO
  • Turbo XS Knocklite

  • 00-01 RS 4.11 VLSD rear diff
  • 02-05 WRX pressure plate
  • 02-05 WRX flywheel
  • ACT Street clutch disc
  • Exedy Clutch master cylinder
  • JNA Short shifter
  • STi Group N hardened rear shifter bushing
  • STi Group N hardened pitch stop
  • STi Group N hardened 5-speed transmission mount
  • STi Group N hardened engine mounts
  • Torque Solutions shifter bushing
  • V2 STi 4.11 5-speed transmission

  • 05 WRX crossmember
  • 05 WRX 'quick ratio' steering rack
  • 06 STi aluminum control arms
  • 06 STi 20mm front sway bar
  • Cusco 22mm rear sway bar powdercoated "Telemagenta"
  • Cusco Front Strut Bar
  • Cusco Rear Strut Bar
  • Eibach rear camber bolts
  • ISC N1 Street coilovers
  • Kartboy rear subframe lockdown bolts
  • L&E fab steering rack linkage
  • Perrin RSB Links
  • Super Pro steering rack bushings
  • Super Pro front control arm bushing
  • Super Pro front control arm rear bushing

  • 94 SVX non-abs 1-1/16" master cylinder
  • 95 Impreza single stage brake booster
  • 95 Impreza non-abs engine bay lines
  • 04 STi Centric front rotors
  • 04 STi front Brembo calipers
  • 06 LGT Centric rear rotors 290mm floating vented[/i]
  • 06-07 WRX rear 2-pot backing plate
  • 300ZX rear 2-pot calipers
  • Power Stop Z16 Ceramic front pads
  • Power Stop Z16 Ceramic rear pads
  • Stoptech front teflon braided lines
  • Stoptech rear teflon braided lines

  • 02 WRX lower center console (mod by Skyline4me)
  • 04 STi blue carpet
  • 04 STi shifter trim
  • 06 WRX Shift boot
  • EDM white face cluster w/ LED mod
  • JDM V3 WRX Nardi Steering wheel
  • OEM Guage Pack housing with 52mm 3-gauge plate
  • Ribbit Neochro spherical knob
  • V7 STi front seats
  • Zealous Interior blue Unisuede door inserts
  • 3M 1080 CF Vinyl

  • 06 STi rear diffuser
  • Depo Amber corner lights
  • Dzus bumper toggle latches
  • Drag DR-31 17x9 +28 Charcoal Gray / BF Goodrich G-Force 255/40/17
  • JDM V6 rear spats
  • JDM V6 grille
  • JDM V6 replica wing
  • JDM V6 power folding mirrors
  • Rays Engineering extend blue lug nuts (spare)
  • TRS Mini D2S retrofits
  • Muteki open ended black tuner lug nuts
  • MKII Flares
  • V2 GD WRX lip





2000 BRP Coupe
622 Posts
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How you liking that test pipe?
Loving it :D Kinda raspy at higher RPMS but I'm hoping the Genome will drown/even it out the sound, either way, I'm loving a full catless exhaust :banana: Thanks alot :)

Like your car! You have the same gap under your hood as I do, I tried to adjust it with no luck.
Thank you! But sorry I just had the hood popped open :(

2000 BRP Coupe
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Also installed the RSB and end links over the weekend. It was really easy! Didn't even need to replace the mounts (altho I had tried and found out there was crazy rust on one of the bolts and snapped it, spent like an hour trying to get it out by welding/heat/penetrant/lots of turning, lols).

And like people have said it's a great improvement over the stocker! Car feels a bit more planted. Contemplating on some lowering camber plates up front and doing a proper alignment!

2000 BRP Coupe
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Sorry for the crappy pictures, I'll be shooting some more once I get the exhaust polished up and fix the lip


Cuscos F&R Bars

Before the ISCs I had the KYB adjustables and MRT Lowering springs

After w/ the MY00 front bumper

JNA short shifter on the left, stock WRX on the right

WRX shifter assembly on the left, my old RS on the right, they're practically the same. The only difference is enlarging the hole for the lever and universal pivot joint for the bolt to go through.


2000 BRP Coupe
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Last night as I was driving my shift lever came off while shifting from 3rd to 4th :curse: luckily I was near a friends house and was able to make a quick fix with zipties. Car will go on the lift today and have the pivot universal joint replaced along with upgrading the rear shifter bushing to the STI (B0220FG300) :banana:. And of course the snap ring thats on the highway somewhere, lol.

2000 BRP Coupe
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Teaser pic!

She's dirty right now. Added some Depo chrome clear corners a week back, I'm not sure how I feel about them. Tonight will be some front fender rolling and mudguard trim so I can lower the car about an inch more and then finally do an alignment. Will also throw on the rear spats if I have time!

2000 BRP Coupe
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About to massively update this thread soon, having a busy week installing stuff! Pics and write ups to come once it's all over! And with that said my journal will be a bit messy to track at the moment, lol.

2000 BRP Coupe
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DAY 1: Electrical and Greddy E-Manage Ultimate

DAY 1: Electrical and Greddy E-Manage Ultimate

Where to start with this post... first off I'd like to say that if you don't have any experience with soldering, I would highly suggest practicing on some spare wire on how to strip, joint, crimp, splice or anything involved with wires before tackling any major and or damaging job. Some things I've learned recently by doing this and over time:

1. Pre-heating wires just a little bit before applying solder will help spread the love and makes cleaner connections
2. Take your time
3. Take your time
4. Shrink wrap everything
5. 3M Electrical tape is the best, hands down
6. Plan your wires carefully and route properly

I would also suggest reading up on previous threads already abound:

Morroco's E-Manage installation and jumper settings
PhilSine's E-Manage harness installation
E-Manage theories and techniques
Innovate LC-1 E-manage installation

Read all your instruction manuals.

Basic tools I used:

Soldering iron
Soldering wire
18 gauge wire (in white but at every connection end I did, I used a color corresponding shrink wrap to indicate which wire is which)
Heat gun

I. Simple boost gauge and Innovate LC-1 Wideband sensor install

  • 52mm VDO 35 PSI boost gauge
  • Innovate LC-1
  • 2 pod pillar gauge pod

II. E-manage harness merge, via DB25 connectors install

I botched it pretty bad last night, some pins off the female side of the connections broke off, and in my mad rush to get out of work, I hastily did some connections resulting in two 4 CEL codes. Also a note for anyone trying to solder the cars harness DOUBLE, TRIPLE check EVERYTHING. I tapped into the fuel temp sensor instead of the map sensor and now I have a code for high circuit input P0183.

I'm revising my wiring and using 24-pin motherboard extension cables, the DB25s I got had so brittle connections on the female end that they broke on several occasions forcing me to re-solder to different locations. More updates on this later...

2000 BRP Coupe
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Day 2: The engine swap

I've been planning on this build for some time now, I would suggest the same to anyone trying to turbo their car... Plan! Plan on doing things right, plan making mistakes, plan on discovering new things, plan on things going wrong. Having a plan will make your life fun, miserable, hysterical and happy once all is set in motion.

I. Engine Parts list - EJ22 experiment block, I don't care if it blows!
  • Stock EJ22E short block
  • EJ257 head gaskets
  • Stock EJ25D heads
  • Stock EJ22E oil pump
  • 08+ style water pump

II. Turbo Components
  • STi Version 2/3 TD-05 16G w/ 90º inlet
  • 1 x2.25" to 2.75" 90º silicone elbow
  • 1x 2.75" piping for intake
  • 1x 3" to 2.75" reducer coupling for intake pipe to maf
  • Ebay maf adaptor and intake
  • 4x 1/2" 90º elbow fittings for coolant lines
  • 1x 1/2" x 3" steel pipe for oil drain
  • 2x 3/4" to 1/2" reducer fitting for tapping coolant
  • EJ205 exhaust manifold, wrapped
  • SRS flex up-pipe, wrapped minus flex
  • Invidia downpipe, tapped for wideband
    according to Innovate, it's always a good idea to keep the 02 between the 3 and 9 o'clock positions and to mount it POST turbo. I thought about using the bung on the up-pipe, but I'll go by Innovates directions since they state that the 02 will have a hard time reading pre-turbo

III. Fuel
  • Yellow STi sidefeed injectors 535cc
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