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L to RS bumper conversion?

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3 questions: How hard is it to do a bumper

conversion? And should I look for used, or a kit off of What is needed to do the hood too?
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Not really sure about the bumper, but I know some about the hood. It depends on what year your car is. I believe that if it is a MY96 or older, you would need to replace the headlights and grill. If it's a MY99 or newer, I don't believe you need to do that. As for between those years, I'm not really sure, but to put the RS hood on an L, you need the headlights and grill from an RS, and I'm pretty sure that some years of the L came with those. Just not sure what year that started, although I think it was with the MY99 cars.
The '98 L and RS headlights are the same... as are the '99+ L and RS headlights. They just switched from the lense doing the shaping of the beam to a multi reflector (clear lense) in '99.
To do the bumper you'll obviously need the bumper skin, and I'm about 95% sure that you'll have to get the bumper beam, because the thickness of the two bumpers is different.
To do the hood, he's right. If you've got an older L (pre-96), you'll have to get the headlights and grill as well. The slope of the headlight changed, as did the hood.

You might try looking in a junkyard for the headlights and grill, as any newer L parts would work. For the bumper stuff, good luck, unless there's a rear-ended RS sitting around. :)
Cool I was pretty close on the years! That makes me happy!
What about the 97 grill isn't the same as the 98-01. Also the 97 lights what about those. It's very hard to find anything about this. Search I-club and still only find a little bit of info. Thanks for the input.
I'm pretty sure that the 97 grill, lights, and bumper are the same as the '98. The difference is in '99 when the bumper changed and the lights switched to clear lenses.
How hard is it to do this conversion? I don't need fogs just get the covers. Need bumper beam and bumper cover. Is there signal lights I would need and what about brake vents? What tools are needed? I'm such a cheap ass.
Theres an instruction on the i-club under the foglight installation, or if you refuse to go to i-club:p , check out by looking at it it does not seem that hard, but aligning the bumper skin once its on would be a PITA.
the 97's did have adifferent grill infill, but the shape is the same as the 98's....the 99 up grill has a different curve on the inside to match the headlamps...
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