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1987 L-series black wagon
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Hey there! My name is Guðni and i'm from Iceland. Here's my 1987 Subaru L-series. It has got an EJ20 from a '99 Impreza and a 4.11 5spd drivetrain from '92 Legacy. Last summer I decided to boost up the motor a little bit with a turbo and intercooler from Forester Turbo(not sure what year model).
Here's what I did for the engine for the turbo build;
Turbo and intercooler from Forester
Water pump from WRX
New head gaskets
New intake manifold gaskets
New exhaust manifold gaskets
And of course new oil and oil filter

I've been driving the car for about 6 months now or ca. 10.000km on 5-7psi without any problems :)

Well, here are some pics from the swap and the build and allt that :)
Btw, hope this is the right forum to post in :)

The diff that I use when the car is rwd:

The gaskets and walbro 255 fuel pump:

Ready to get in:

And it's in! :

Home made roof rack:


Front end:

Cleaning and the new rims:

And finally the car got finished :) :

I hope someone liked reading this :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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