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If you ever wanted to know if the KYB AGX struts were legal in stock SCCA classes, here's your answer:

The consensus is that, the two adjustments would be separate Rebound and
Compression. If I understand your question, there's only one knob, so,
that's perfectly legal.

For example, the Koni's always adjust rebound (only), and the Tokico's
adjust both rebound and compression from the same knob. Both are perfectly

The Moutons and other super-expensive shocks have one knob for compression,
a separate knob for rebound, and yet a third knob for "low-speed"
compression. Those are NOT stock legal, because, well, there's there things
that are separately adjustable.

Hope that makes sense.


The stock rules regarding shocks talk about not more than two ways of
adjustability, not really number of settings. I'm not sure what a third
way of adjustability would be, but...

AGX struts are two-way adjustable (compression and rebound), and are not
adjustable by the driver while the car is in motion. Therefore, should
be legal for Stock classes. A very good strut from what I hear from many
people I know who run them. Wish I could get 'em for my car...

- Jeff

They're legal - the rule means that you can have shocks with external
adjustments for, say, both compression and rebound (with as many levels or
clicks for each one as you want), but not shocks with adjustments
for rebound, low-speed compression and high-speed compression. If the AGX
just has adjustable rebound, that's one "external damping adjustment" under
that rule, regardless of how many levels of that adjustment are available.

Kevin W

Yes, they are legal.

The rules refer to types of adjustment, such as seperate rebound and
compresion damping. You can have as many stops on the adjustment knob as
they can fit on it.

The rule came into effect to try to stem the tide of three and more way
adjustable $1200 per unit shocks. I guess they had seperate low and high
speed adjustments on compression, plus seperate rebound adjustments.

Dale Kirstein

They are legal James. The rules mean to refer to types of damping
adjustments such as compression and rebound. Very expensive shocks might
have these plus high/low speed adjustments and other esoteric variations.
If you think about it, my Konis have essentially infinite adjustment (no
click stops), but only adjust rebound.

Take care,


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10th Warrior said:
the konis are better (at least on tarmac) but cost way more.
Also on the Subaru they aren't direct replacement struts but rather inserts, so you hack apart your stock struts and replace the inside workings with the Koni cartridge.

(It isn't just the Subaru this is true of either. A friend of mine has a 91 MR2 and his last car was a 93 RX-7. The RX-7 Konis were bolt-up, the MR2 Konis were inserts.)

Still they have a wider range of adjustment (no increments just "infinitely" variable) and would probably take a bit more abuse in the long run (but again the AGXes are $100/each!).

(I have Whiteline springs over AGXes, BTW.)

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my experience with the konis (not on an impreza) were they don't take abuse at all, hence my tarmac only crap. driving down a winding gravel hill at 60 + mph with blown front shocks is a scary experience, esp from the co-driver seat!

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Let me see if I got this right. You say the KYB's are just inserts or that the Koni's are? How much extra work does this involve, if it's with the KYB's? I was under the impression it was a whole new strut! :curse:

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10th Warrior said:
the KYBs are completely new struts. trust me, i have seen them. i believe Warp3 just made a typo and meant to say that the konis were the inserts.
Oops...I just reread my post and you are right...I meant Koni inserts. I have the AGXes on my car (with Whiteline springs) and they are indeed full replacement struts.
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