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Kumho 712's - what pressure

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Just put some Kumho 712's on my car over the weekend. They're used w/about 8-9k miles on them already.

I'm curious what tire pressures you kumho users have had most success with. I used my re-92's last season and I was running around the 52-49.

For street driving I have the Kumho's at 36 f and 34 r which seems pretty good.

Comments, feedback? Thanks

Oh yeah, "WOW what a difference to have some better tires!!!"
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for autocross I ran 45psi front and rear...usually ran them on the street that way too;) I would ocasionally go 43front 45 rear to get better rotation....
I run 36,36 on the street. For the one time I went out to autocross it was suggested that I run 45,45 (from several other RS owners).
i'd put a couple hundred pounds in and see what happens.

i love the kumho's for auto-x but don't use the same pressures that most people use

i put 45 front and 42 rear

why less in the rear you say?
gives me some oversteer to play with. it's easier to get the tail around like that and i feel more controlled that way.

3rd in class last event behind 2 people on newer Azenis (both driving same car which was also an RS) and my kumho's are about done.
Brian Priebe, former STS national champ in his '98 RS, ran Kumho 712s in 215/45-17 size. Although it seems low, he generally ran pressures in the mid to low 30 psi range. Generally, 34-35 in the front, 32 or so in the back.

Not saying it is ideal for your car setup, or your driving style, but it worked for him.

Chris H.
Thanks for the feedback Subrew. I will say this. I got the tires up to 44psi, just to try them out for a few days before our first event this Sunday. And, well it's horrible. The car wanders all over the road and the steering feels like mush, sure the sidewall is stiffer, but it feels like it's now compromising the handling. Granted this is mostly at hight speeds ~45-70. I'm going to be experimenting with them this weekend and see how it works out. Oh, I have these on stock 16's.

It's funny you mention Priebe's car. A local here bought it and it's going to be put through a rigorous campaign this season, and probably be at a few CENDIV events, and Nationals. Not sure if it'll be STS or DSP. Anyway thanks.
the kumho's are generally not sticky at all until you race with them. my first time racing with them i thought i made the wrong purchasing decision. once they get scuffed in though, they work pretty good.

my past few events i was keeping up and actually beating some people with Azenis, S/02's, Proxies. in the same car as me with similar setups.
I played around with the pressures at our first local event and was most sucessful with the least pressure. I started out around 40-38, and found 38-36 to be a pretty successful combo for the course. I like the tires alot and am excited to see how they do.
I would have to agree w/ Craig on his pressures. I formally had Kuhmos in 225-50-16 and currently have 225-45-16. Experementing alot w/ different pressures, I found that between 36 to 40lbs to be the best. It can change + or - depending on the temps. To much pressure will cause the tire to be over inflated and decrease the contact patch w/ the ground.

Good luck,


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