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97 L crap coupe
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Kroonoverdrive Member Journal:
Name: Marc
Live in Jersey City.
Hobbies: Riding Bikes (dh, mtb, roadie), Beer-drinking and cars.

As you may or may not know, my SRP RS sedan was involved in an accident.

I decided that the bodywork would cost too much to repair and a fresh start would be less frustrating down the road. Don't get me wrong, I did this with a heavy heart, I loved the car and always felt as if I owed it a better 'life'. I decided to strip it and give an L the aura/heart of an RS.

Bought this L, it fit most of my needs and was damn close and convenient.

Car looks okay.
Issues: All tan interior plastics painted black (high wear areas returning to tan), Rear view & sun shades removed in favor of big broadway mirror, repainted black (for why?) and just little things here and there.


First successful ride with 'er

L meet RS

Heartless RS :(

<=====+//||OLD RS Member Journal:||\\+=====>

Here she is in her prime:

Coilovers + Front Lip installed

Threw the wheels on

'Nother angle

Blinding angle

Lucy approved angle
  • Rallitek Spark Wires + NGK Plugs
  • Steering Rack Bushings
  • Urethane V6 lip
  • Grimspeed thermostat
  • ebay oil catch can
  • Perrin 22mm rear sway bar
  • Kartboy front & rear endlinks
  • Hitch mount with Thule Bike rack
  • Brembo Blanks
  • ST Coilovers
  • Rear Group N tophats
  • 17x9 Rota Grids/Hankooks
  • Ganz Intake (Snorkus Delete)
  • Front Whiteline C Strut Tops
  • Amber Corners
  • Grounding Kit
Some older pictures when I was traversing the country.



97 L crap coupe
365 Posts
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Mod List

The Plan
The goal is to swap over anything worthwhile from the RS into the L.
That means engine, dash and rear diff are going into the L. The L transmission has been retained.

Coilovers, RSB, endlinks, hitch mount, seatbelts, shifter surround, hood scoop, rear bumper garnish (thing that says impreza) all needs to pulled off RS still. To be installed later. Maybe even after the winter so everything doesn't get salty and crappy.

97 L crap coupe
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Since the engine swap, i've basically just been driving the car to the train station for fear that this wheel bearing is going to implode and leave me stranded or worse.

But last night i finally decided to take her off the road till everythings fixed.

OK so.. the goal here is to fix the rear wheel bearings and i figured while i was at it i would:
  • Install 06 lateral links
  • Put TIC bushings in those lateral links
  • Install old RS knuckles and rear brakes
  • Put new wheel bearing in one way or another
  • Install old swift rear swaybar
  • Remove exhaust heat shields for rubbage
  • Seems like replace axles as well
  • Rear brake lines
  • Install coilovers
Yeah, so alot to do, here's the beginning.

I'm astounded that i was actually able to get these lateral link BAB bolts out without having to cut them.

Here's the garage when I was working on getting the old subframe apart:

Here's the garage cleaned up to actually fit the car in:

Side Project - Hids :clap:
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