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alright.. i looked everywhere but could not find any answer to my questions so please someone help me out.

I have a 95 impreza L sedan AWD with the EJ18 (Bad motor and tranny)
bought a 98 impreza L wagon AWD with the EJ22 (Ok motor and tranny) which only cost me $300. I swap the EJ22 into the 95 impreza and the car runs.
I use the ecu, wire harness, etc. from the 95 impreza and i used the motor and tranny from the 98 impreza. I use the EJ18 intake manifold. These are both NA motors.

My questions are: There is a knock sensor on the EJ22 and i dont see a plug on the 95 impreza harness for it. Where do i plug it? Do i need to plug it up? Will it mess up anything? any question that i miss plz let me know. I'm new to subarus and i want to learn all i can. Thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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