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When, have I ever disappointed? So, my next project an 1996 Subaru Impreza L. I just bought the bad boy today for 2k with 150k Miles on the car. Let me tell you a little about this car.

This impreza L has been garaged for a year and has never been in an accident. Body is striaght, No Rust what so ever, Engine still running strong. I looked this car up and down to make sure it was good and clean. This is a perfect car to start my ultimate build yet. The car was advertised for 3400 and I got it down to 2k. It runs like tits. Anyways this is going to be a really long build im warning you, but I will not dissapoint.

Here are my other builds that I have done:
1998 Impreza RS RBP2000 Impreza RS BRP

Progress of Car:
Stock Photos and First Mod Painting All Interior Black
Finished Dash, Installed v6 Bumper, Fog Covers, Front Lip, and insalled rs Spoiler

Plans are:

Full STI Swap
-Engine and Tranny

RE30 Rims 17x8
Falken Azenis 235/45/17
24mm RSB
22mm FSB
Ksport or KW Variant 3 Coilovers
H Brace
Full Strut bars
X Brace
Fender Brace
Half Cage

Version 6 Front Bumper
Version 6 Front Lip
Version 6 Rear Bumper
Version 6 Spoiler
Version 6 Spats/Aero Guards
Version 6 SideSkirts
RBP Paint Job/ Or Custom Color

Full RS Dash/Interior
Version 4 Seats F/B
Custom Blue Carpet

So here the car is paint is in amazing shape even though its ugly green but the car has potential.

Here are the adverstisement picture which are shitty so Ill get better ones asap:


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Looks like it will be a nice project. Curious to why you wouldn't want to a whole STi dash/interior swap to keep with all the other STi bits.
MMM im not sure about that yet... Im not really into the new dash and stuff. maybe ill do that im not really sure yet. I heard it doesnt fit perfect so im not sure about it. Its a possibility though.

I take it you're in a better place financially then? Are you keeping your bike too?

Welcome back dood!
Yeah deff, Im only in debt for the car which was 2 grand and thats my only payment so I am deff in a better place and yeah im keeping the bike too!

Thanks for the welcome back :) its good to be back. I went down, was looking at the car, and I was like wow this car is so sexy I need another project.

Wow for 2k!!!!!! I'm shocked what a deal!:eek:mg:
I know im stoked. the body is fucking CLEAN!

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nice, welcome to the 96 subaru club lool i had 2 now only 1 :(

id opt against the dash swap..looks baller but requries more work. if u got the black interior keep it..if it was tan id say swap it out

g/l u ****!

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no.......i got one. idk its growing on me. lol i think its a good sleeper look
Well I didn't say it was going to be unique. Just different than the norm around here.

I rocked a sedan wing on my car for a few months. Then swapped back the v5 for a photoshoot. I might go back to the sedan wing again.
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