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2004 Impreza 2.5RS
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Have not seen anyone else write about this. I have a 2004 RS. It seems like there is a safety feature that disables the key fob from locking and unlocking my car when it is running. I want to turn my car on, leave and take the fob with me while my car is locked, come back when it is warm and unlock it with my key fob, is that too much to ask? Right now I have to use my door lock on the way out and my spare key to get back in.
Where I live it can get to -40°C, which is also -40° Fahrenheit.
I dont want to buy a command start system because it costs around $800 here. I'm guessing the ECU program would have to be modified to fix this. Is there anything that I can do with the key fob or something else?
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