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Swapped '01 Coupe
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Hey guys,

So it's about damn time I make a members' journal. It wont be fancy or super detailed, but at least something that others can maybe look to for a bit of inspiration like I did when I first got into this whole mess!

Before I get started, I want to take a sec to recognize some people.

Most importantly I want to thank my good friend Josh Yousey and his Dad for the tools, talent, and tireless weekends to make all of this happen!

Also a big thanks to...
-Gen and Dave at RalliSpec for working with me to get all of the stuff ready for this build
-The guys at GrimmSpeed for awesome customer sevice, beautiful work on their parts, and that wonderful military discount
-Garrison Moseley for the help with everything ECU
-Mad Rabbit for all of the awesome JDM bits
-Paul at Primitive for the help getting a lot of my brakes and suspension parts, as well as the PIAA lights and hardware
-Billy, Erika Detota and the rest of the folks at Broken Motorsports for letting me hang out learn some things about rally during the events
-JWalker for the inspiration in regards to making a silver GC look sexy
-And last but not least, RS25 and the endless amount of knowledge compiled here by all of you. Without it, I would be clueless.

Okay, here are the details that I can recall...

Motor (Built by Dave at RalliSpec)
-New EJ257 block
-Cosworth H-beam rods
-Omega pistons
-83mm billet crank
-King XPG bearings
-New EJ20K heads
-Supertech valves
-PE 264 duration cams w/ springs and titanium retainers
-ARP head studs
-Cosworth head gaskets
-High volume oil pump
-EJ257 oil pan & pickup
-Cosworth oil control baffle
-Fully balanced and cylinder head combustion chambers modified for optimum flow.
-Cosworth Low Temp Thermostat
-Koyo R1819 radiator
-Spal 12" fans
-Setrab 25 row oil cooler
-GpN motor mounts

-Cosworth intake filter in 02/03 WRX air box
-Prodrive GpN turbo inlet
-Blousch TD05 16G, P&P/ceramic coating by Blousch
-Perrin FMIC kit
-GpN 12 liter trunk mounted IC water spray tank
-BPV deleted
-EJ20K throttle body, P&P/ceramic coating by GrimmSpeed
-EJ20K intake manifold, P&P/ceramic coating by GrimmSpeed
-GrimmSpeed 8mm phenolic spacers
-Unknown UEL exhaust manifold
-GrimmSpeed up pipe with 44mm wastegate flange
-Tial MV-R 44mm External Wastgate
-GrimmSpeed wastgate dump tube
-Turbo-back Prodrive GpN titanium slip joint exhaust with swapable muffler and straight pipe.
-GpN exhaust hangers

-Stock 06/07 WRX flywheel
-Exedy Stage 2 clutch
-Stainless braided clutch line
-RS 5 speed trans case
-4.44 RA gears, isotropic superfinish
-Cusco 1.5-way gravel spec front diff
-R160 Cusco 2-way gravel spec rear LSD
-4.44 ring gear and pinion, isotropic superfinish
-GpN trans mounts
-GpN rear shifter bushing
-GpN short shifter assembly
-GpN rear diff bushings

-GpN brake master cylinder spacer (to delete brake booster)
-1 1/16" brake master cylinder
-Non-ABS brake lines (to delete ABS system)
-PBR ULT pads
-Stainless braided brake lines
-06/07 rear backing plates (to fit 2pots)
-Slotted rotors
-Tein Gravel Spec Type HG dampers
-Tein front camber plates
-Tein rear pillow balls
-STi carbon fiber front strut tower bar
-Cusco rear adjustable sway bar (currently disconnected due to broken endlinks)
-Urethane rear sway bar bushings
-Urethane steering rack bushings

-02/03 WRX ECU, open tuned with carberry roms (anti-lag, launch control, no lift to shift)
-DCCD pro
-Fuel pro
-Innovate wide band
-EGT sensor

-Motul 75W90 Gear 300LS
-Motul 300V Power Engine Oil
-Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
-Evans waterless coolant

-Nardi/STi 22B wheel
-V6 DCCD cluster
-Defi/STi legacy GT gauge pack
-LHD airbag delete pocket
-V6 door cards
-V1 STi front seats
-V4 rear seats

-Sport bumper
-V6 grille
-Hella Horns
-JDM corner lights
-Aluminum hood
-22B hood vents
-Prodrive hood scoop
-PIAA light pods (driving beams and pencil beams)
-STi WRC style mirrors
-Rear wiper coming soon
-V6 replica spoiler
-V6 rear bumper w/ spats
-Custom Urethane mud flaps
-Enkei RC-G4 15x7 +50

How she currently sits.

How she looks when she's out socializing.

How she looks after a night winter rallycross.


Swapped '01 Coupe
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So, I bought it in '08 from Fred in North Carolina through nasioc. It was pretty cherry and just about stock besides some old sti struts and springs, prodrive axle-back, and some bushings here and there. 140k miles.

The day I bought it and drove through the Virginia mountains on the route back up to New York.

Not long after this, a little rally cross practice in the field blew the rear sti struts...

So, I went crazy on it! Brakes, suspension, and some JDM bits to get it swap-ready!

KYB AGX with Tein Gravel Springs and GpN tophats


Swapped '01 Coupe
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Okay, so this is where my picture taking lacked in several areas... I'll try to cover it the best that I can. Basically it was soon time to do a swap with the help of my friends! So, I went with an EJ20G at this point. Hardly any pics of this part sadly.

Brand new non-ABS brake lines from subaru.

GpN brake master cylinder spacer to delete brake booster. Mated this with an 1 1/16" cylinder.

Genuine JDM sports bumper from mad rabbit. Also got the JDM smooth rear and light weight bumper beams from him.

Setrab 25 row oil cooler.

PIAA light pods. Turned out they didn't line up quite right on the V5/6 hood. But they lined up great with the V1/2 hood hanging on the wall. So a bit of trimming had to be done.

I had an aluminum hood with genuine 22B vents. So I had to painstakingly drill into the hood to rivet the pod mounting hardware on. Don't worry, it came out great! Sorry, no pics of that process. I was too busy wiping the tears.

Anyway, I made a beautiful custom harness with Deutsch connectors. Routes cleanly through the hood, with a main connector at the base of the hood for hood removal, and at the front of the hood for pod removal. Wired in to come on with the brights. Driving and pencil beams. I wish I covered this more because it was damn near impossible to find info on how pods are mounted, wired, etc.

After some rallyX, my AGX struts blew in no time. I was frustrated enough with blown struts to step it up a notch. So I went with these.

Tein HG gravel specs with Tein camber plates and pillow ball rears.


Swapped '01 Coupe
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Rallycross was going great!

But on the last one of the 2012 season, something went wrong. Suddenly mid-run it backfired a bit and I was running on only 3 cylinders. I finished out the day, limped home to check the compression back at the garage and discovered I had zero on the passenger front cylinder. My friends dad tore it down and we discovered a bent valve. Something appeared to go wrong in the shim and bucket assembly.

So, I took the opportunity to go bigger and newer! While we were at it my friend Josh helped to totally redo the harness from front to rear because we weren't happy with the previous merge.

I had rallispec build a killer EJ257/20K hybrid for me! And build an RS trans case I had with 4.44 JDM RA gears that I got a hold of. They isothropic superfinished them and slapped on a DCCD that I sent them. Oh and a cusco 1.5 way front LSD.

Power washed the engine bay and whatever rallycross dirt in the wheel wells.

Time to get her in there!

This isn't the diff case I'm using, but I figured I would share. An old military tank scaler works great on nasty differentials. Josh's dad had one and we tried it on a rough old flaky SVX diff. I wish I had a 'before' picture, but it came out great!

Got GpN rear diff bushings, front and rear. The hold ones were in there pretty good. We couldn't get it done on the press quite right, so the air chisel was a good solution. Wow did it suck though! They did not want to come out.

Minor damage to the inside, but smoothed it out a bit with a file and the new ones pressed in nicely.

Josh's dad welded up a bolt-in bracket to mount the 12 liter IC water spray tank. We used the GD brackets it came with, and the existing RS bar behind the seat. Come out clean, sturdy, and removable! Just had to drill a couple easy holes to bolt it at the top.

Swapped '01 Coupe
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^Thanks! Me too!

Are those light pods in your avatar?
Those certainly are! I'll cover those and everything else soon! Still trying to sort through all of my old pictures and do this from past to present.

Swapped '01 Coupe
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Your undercarriage is sexy :naughty:
Thanks! It was then at least! It's been sad seeing it get all chipped and rusted, but I knew it was bound to happen with the winter time salt and rallyX. But it all still works great!

Gary, I believe the tires are 205.65.R15

Swapped '01 Coupe
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Got more of the timeline up for those that are interested! I'll be adding the recent stuff soon! And eventually, a mod list of some sort.

01 RSTI / 03LeggyH6
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Thanks for the shout out! It's always cool to see folks take one of these cars, go balls out and "do it once, do it right" Even better when people pony up for factory STI parts. It definitely adds a level of coolness that aftermarket parts lack for me this day & age. :D
Carry on!

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So after failing to find someone local that I trust to assemble my rear diff, I'm going to send it off to RalliSpec tomorrow so Dave can get it done for me. Subaru wasted my time and held onto it for a couple weeks before telling me they don't have the special tools... Ridiculous.

Anyway, it will soon about the last thing to do before the car is back on the road, so it's got to get done. I just wish I would have sent it to Dave in the first place!

4.44 ring gear and pinion, isotropic superfinished at RalliSpec. Oooo, pretty

Lightly used R160 Cusco 2 way RS-type LSD


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The intercooler came in so we started fitting that before we take a break for the holidays! I'm still pretty torn with going front mount intercooler, but there just aren't any performance top mount options for the EJ20K intake manifolds and throttle bodies. So this is the solution. If I hadn't already bought the radiator, I may have considered a V-mount set up, but it's time this swap gets done and on the road! That would have just added to the fab work.

Mocked up before welding the perrin beam to the JDM beam.

Core is in place and the bumper trimming is just about done. I know, it sucks to see an original sport bumper get trimmed doesn't it? But we're doing a good clean job, I promise. Once the dust clears, it will look and function great!

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