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KC area guys

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Well since Photopoint pooped the bed, I've started uploading pics at this location:

I only have 1/10 of what I use to have but eventually I'll put everything back. Right now just the Fort Scott Rally-X #2 and some other stuff.
Right now it's not working but I'll have some vids there too.

If you click on an album it's best to use the View drop down and select Index.
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Cool. :)
Got sick of the WRX takeover too, eh Ben???
Yea, after the WRX became huge the i-club just wasnt quite the same. Good to see you here Don, I was wondering where you had gone to.

I've updated the above page again with more pics. Imagestation allows vids to be uploaded too. I've added a section for just video's and put some of the rally-x ones there. It may say vids are not avaliable but they are.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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