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Kartboy Urethane Muffler Hangers and TCII

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Kartboy Urethane Muffler Hangers

This last weekend I had the pleasure of installing the Kartboy Muffler Hangers onto my beast. The installation of the muffler hangers was fairly easy, except for the one that connects to the mid-pipe. After pondering on it for a few minutes I decided that putting a jackstand under the car and using the jack to jack the exhaust up made it way easier than doing it by hand. I had a really bad noise when making hard 90 degree turns, but that seemed to have disappeared with the new hangers.
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Man Peaty, your muffler still looks good. You must not have road salt in KS :happynow: You should see my muffler, flaking off in layers.

Anyway, I have the STi group N hangers on my car, and they do keep the muffler in one place much better. When I would auto and rally-x, I could hear the muffler hitting my sway bar. After the hangers, I don't hear it any more.

Now if I could just figure out the rest of my car's noises ;)

Something else I just noticed in the picture. Look at that endlink flex. Time for some KB endlinks too ;)
I have those too, that's normal flex, look at the lower control arm's angle. It's because the car is jacked up pretty high. :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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