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Kartboy exhaust hanger prob

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I just installed the kartboy hangers today, and now my exhaust is rubbing on the left-inside CV joint. I'm guessing that its because the diameter of the scoobysport exhaust pipe (3" I think, then tapers down to 2.5") is larger then they had designed the hangers for. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Any suggestions? I think Im just going to have to take the rear ones off.:(
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Are the Kartboys shorter or longer than the stocks? Are the holes to big for the exhaust bracket arms? The Brullen arms are skinnier than the holes in the Kartboy hangers. That might give the exhaust more play than it should.
The hangers are shorter then the stock ones, and the arms on the exhaust are thinner than the stock. There really isn't any play though. Basically, the hangers are pulling the exhaust up too high, well too high with that diameter pipe. There's probably less then .25" clearance between the joint and the top of the pipe.
I don't think they are shorter, it's just that they don't have the give to let the system hang lower.

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Larry Ganz will be putting his 3" Brullen on soon. He mentioned he might try both Kartboy and Cusco hangers. I will wait and see if they both presesnt the same problem.
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