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just posted at i-club

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i just put a must to come here thread at i-club so hopfuly more people will come:sunny:
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I believe the thread you're talking about has been deleted. I noticed a few rule violations, so that must've done it.

Remember, this site may be "in competition" with the i-Club in a way, but if anything turns to disrespect then it just makes both sites look bad. At least try to follow all the rules and be positive about it.
dammit, 8, you're already piling up the post count! :)
I'm glad I saw this place before the thread got deleted. Which rules did it break?
That's the one I came from... :)

How bad was the other?
It wasn't horrid, it just violated a few of the "annoying" rules and was redundant. I killed that one and bumped the one that was last linked so it wasn't like there was no advertising out there. :)
I like both forums....I think its great that the RS owners want a little place all their own.
alter ego said:
You race buses?!
Hell yeah.. those greyhound buses are loaded with turbos.
that's how I found this place...
Cool! I can't belive my thread on i-club survived!

yeah...8 conviced me to join...POWER OF THE EJ25!!!

mine too...received moderator attention....but is still seen here in the SCIC below

one reason why i pm'd u 8 and asked about the rules

see even rexer's want to be cool like us, and join this place ...that shows me who is better.
I personally find it amusing that most of us retain the same user name as we did in i-club. Hell, I myself am even guilty of it! Glad to see some familiar names though.

HA! Post #2!!!!

Starting Over As Another Newbie,
Hey, this board is pretty cool. Actuallly, I just wanted to post something.
Yep, kinda like that "digital projection of yourself" stuff from The Matrix...

Is it just me or does the attitude seem more positive over here???

seems every "fun" thread ive read over there recently turns in a "discussion"....

eh. who cares.

this is cool :happynow:
It is more positive. There are less converts from other car makes that think just because they know everything about DSMs or Hondas or Toyotas, that all of a sudden they know everything about Subaru, and they think the only engine Subaru has ever made is the 2.0.

By the way, after seeing the TMR post, I remembered how much I miss having his Impreza around. It was a sad, sad day when that car went to the great tarmac course in the sky.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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