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Just looking for info :)

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Hiya all... I don't know really anything about tires or wheels so I'm just asking what's what in the numbers that are advertised. The ?/?/? for example. And what the offsets are and all that stuff. I just don't know crap about them :) I have a 2000 2.5rs sedan. What should I look for and what specs? Thanks :)
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205/55/16 is our stock size, at 53mm offset

205 is the width of the tire
55 is the ratio of height to wifth (think 55%)
16 is the diameter of the rim (so you have 16" rims)

53mm is how far off center the mounting edge of the rim is from the actual center of the rim. So, 0mm would mean that when you mount the wheel to the car, the rim has 50% of the rim sticking out towards the street, and 50% of the rim sticks in (over the brakes and hub for example).

In comparison to our 53mm rims, some people use a 48mm rim, which physically moves the tires closer to the car (and sometimes hits the strut depending on the width of the tires - like a 225/45/16). A 42mm rim would most likely hit the strut, because now the center of the rim is farther from the car, but that means the physical rim is closer to the car.

I think that's about how it works.

To prove me wrong, just go to and they have it all, with pictures! :D
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I couldn't fit 225/50r16 Dunlop SP5000s on the stock wheels without grinding away 1/2 my rear struts...
I have 215/40/17's on a +50 offset and it will hit the fenders in the rear.
So what should I look for without having to do any grinding?
If you want a 215 get something with more than +50mm offset, but there aren't a lot of choices. I would recommend a 205 if you go below 50mm offest. That on a 17" wheel. Most tire makers will give overall diameter of there wheels to you.
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