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Just *how* busy is the RS Club?

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Ever wonder how busy the RS club really is? Here's some cold, hard numbers for all you technical folk...

So from that report you can see that I get about 1000 visitors a day, about 28,000 visitors a month, and over a quarter of a million page views/hits every month!

Now THAT'S pretty Imprezive to me... :D
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i know i come on when ever i get a chance and look around even more now since im thinking of turbo or mabey even the big twin turbo!
Interesting! It's strange that the system or server knows what kind of operating system is being used by people at the site.
Not really interesting or strange, actually.

Every request you (your browser) send to a website includes information about your computer -- your IP address, the browser software you're using, the version of the browser, what link you followed to get to the page you asked for, etc. The analysis software uses that to build the statistics results. You can actually override much of that information if you'd like too, but it takes some work on your end.

All documented as part of the HTTP standard at if you want the full gory details (but only hardcore geeks like me read that stuff).

Well EXCUSE ME!!!:curse:
Just kidding! I guess you got more out of it than I did! :D
I was just trying to dazzle you with inane trivia. I have gobs of nearly-useless information in my head that seems to be meaningless to the large majority of humanity.

Keeps me entertained and semi-well paid though. ;)

I have gobs of nearly-useless information in my head that seems to be meaningless to the large majority of humanity.
Me too, but most of it is car-related! All that stuff is still interesting and weird to me, though! :p
Cool stuff.

Excellent re-design/update too. :biggest:
I'm surprised you don't have too many hits on the 'Can we post pictures of beautiful women' thread in OT. All the guys at my workplace (not into cars) are all surfing under that thread. they go all the time as visitors. Don't ask me why. :lol:
Ran some more stats... here's how much traffic goes in and out of the machine each month (let's see if the formatting works):

Month Data Uploaded (to clients)

December 2001
1.90 GB

January 2002
4.16 GB

February 2002
14.58 GB

March 2002
14.76 GB

April 2002
9.82 GB

Not bad for one little server! :D
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