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just got a Tamiya WRC kit!

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My local hobby shop is having a clearance sale on
their plastic model kits. I've had my eye on the Tamiya
2000 Impreza WRC Arai kit for some time now.
So today I picked it up. Like my '01RS, it's the last of it's kind
before the new model came out. also on my way home,
I had a sighting. Shawrf1 and his sweet black WRX.
i'm guessing he has at least 5K in mods to his car.
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I was planning on getting one of those while visiting HK. Too bad I couldn't because my bags were already filled with other stuff. And since the 9/11 thing, I didn't buy some AirSoft stuff also.

But now, I'm looking into getting a R/C Impreza...but I don't know if they make a glow-motor Impreza.

Dude I think it was you who had me about the Auto Art the I club site for a port that I put about a month ago
I just got my 1999 Cosica Rally car and the 2001 portugal /Solberg WRC car from SWRT's website and they are Tite!!!!!!:biggest: :biggest:

Hehehe. My Tamiya models are bigger! :D :D

Makes Up For What He Lacks,
At the "ri$e" shop in the puente hills mall they used
to have an auto art 22b. I used to go there every once in awhile to look at it and drool. then one day somebody bought it.


now I need to find the autoart wrx sti ver. 4
Does anybody know if there is a tamiya kit of Burn's
2000 WRC car?
Yes! I have seen it there is a store in the City of Orange and I cannot remember the name of the store for the life of me anyway
the kit itself is 'round $20 or $30 the store is on Tustin ave. of the 55 FWY by fatburger it is on the same shopping center this is a huge store I can't remember the cross streets however I do know that if you take the 91 east and get of on Tustin av. and make a right of the exit and go about a mile it will be on your right hand side... by the 76 gas station...(I'm some fucking help huh!) anyway I can findout where this place is at and where exactly it is if you want...let me know...

Hey Sunny go to the Auto art website they still have the 22b in stock...
Yeah I know that hobby shop in orange.
I went there a few months ago and also once when it used to
be across the street on meats (gotta love that street name). Guess I have to check it out again.

I wonder if I could get it at auto art in costa mesa?

thanks for the info
Hey Sunny! What is the name of that store? I'd like to go check it know F-1 season starting Sunday and I'd like to get the JPM Williams F-1 car or if they have the WRC car then you know...
what street is it of from the 405?

The autoart store?
I think it's the actual auto art company
in costa mesa. i heard about it in the
"other" subaru board. I'll go find the thread,
but I believe it's near the airport or was
it newport blvd?? Well let me look for it tomorrow
and I'll get back to you.
man I gotta do a lot of research for
you RS club guys :)

but i heard that you have to be a retailer
of the models to buy there. hope I'm wrong though.
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Is that the case for this store!!!!:curse: well that sucks!!!!
More to drool over. Here's the Autoart Impreza stuff.
I can't find any of the impreza stuff on the site.
Though I have seen the Autoart STI Ver.4 Type-R.
Looks just like a right hand drive RS!
I wish I could find that model again.
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