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Just Call Me "Daddy"

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Jaron Bryce Stanley born March 3, 2002 at 10:58pm weighs 8.6lbs
and 20" long. It was a long road but the wife and I made it. We actually went in to the hospital around 1:30am sunday morning so we have both been sleepless. I look at it this way, he will grow up to drive a suby. You know I had to throw that in there to keep it subaru related.
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I just took my youngest to his first autocross as a driver! I can only hope yours have been as much fun as mine to watch grow up!
Congrats! I've got one on the way, due date August 24!
Congrats man! Get A LOT of sleep now, while you can.. And enjoy the immobility. :D
oh no jami finally reproduced :p ;)
congratulations... enjoy... they grow up so fast.
Pretty soon you'll be saying "let him pull it on his head a few times, he'll learn!"
randolphRS1 said:
It was a long road but the wife and I made it.
I'll betcha I know whos trip was a little rougher!:p Congats, man, hope everything goes great for you, your wife, and new son!
Congrats! Start now and play all the Subaru related stuff you can imbed it in his mind. Rally, rally, rally:biggest: .
Have fun with your new son.

Thanks alot guys. It is great to be associated with great and caring people like yourselves. Oh yea, unfortunately Brian it finally happened, I reproduced hehehehehe. I also said he weighed in at 8.6lbs, actually he weighs 7lbs 8oz's, my mistake in all the excitement. Hey grimlock, it will be a great experience and make sure you are there for everything, the doc visits and so on, and if you are like me you will literally feel your life change the second that child enters this world. Take care all and I will see you on the board.
i told ya not to let the wife get you pregnant :p
Congrats, Jami! All the best to you and your wife... :D
20 inches long?!?!?!?! Wow, he's gonna be a really popular with the ladies!!!! All joking aside, that was a great day to be born! I was born March 3rd 1978.'s a virtual cigar!

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