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Hey guys just got a 97 L use to own a 2006 WRX, but milestoempty convinced me to get rid of it and get a GC8. Got a really good price on ($1,300). For a 97 its spectacularly clean a few beauty marks here and there :monkey: and its an auto :wtf: but hey it was a great deal for a very clean car. It has about 172k on it but it drives like brand new. Would be great if I could get your guys' opinions on the car and the direction I should go. I don't want to do anything until after this semester is over, well nothing big. Maybe Ill buy some wheels and suspension and all the cosmetics.. such as a V4 front bumper (I if can find one ;) ) but yah here are some pics tell me what you think.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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