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2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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Figured I'd make one of these since im bored. Here is my pos subaru.

Gates Performance timing belt kit
Turbo XS 4' bellmouth dp v2
Turbo xs RFL catback catless v2
Turbosmart 45mm ewg v2
Kinugawa EL Header 3 bolt
Ultimate Racing V band up pipe v3
K&N drop in filter
Walboro 255
Kart Boy SS
STI Motor mounts
CC /Clutch Masters stage 3: 6 puck
Grimmspeed EBCS
DW 850cc injectors top feed
Grimmspeed Phenolic spacers 8mm
Cobb V2 Accessport
Greddy T518Z 8cm2
Greddy Turbo Timer
Cobb IWG bracket
Iwire Merged Harness
Krono's performance STi oil pan kit
More to come...

JDM Tails
JDM v3 wing
JDM crystal headlamps
JDM clear corners
JDM V6 smooth Rear Bumper
JDM flat fuel door kit
JDM Aero Guards
JDM WRX/Sti Decals
JDM V5 Grill w/pink 'i' badge
JDM lightweight front bumper beam
JDM lightweight rear bumper beam
JDM Sti Rabbit Fender badges
6k HID's
Prodrive P1 Foglight Kit
Chargespeed v1 Front Lip
Red Hella Horns
22B vents
22B door sills
Clear side markers
Clear Turn signals
ProSport Gauge (boost, oil pressure)
Defi Gauge pod
2004 Black Wrx rear seat
White powder coated 6 spokes by ZZ powder coatings
Red powder coated wrx calipers by ZZ powder coatings
Neo Chrome open ended, extended lugs
More to come...

Megan Racing Coilovers
Whiteline Adjustable 24mm FSB
Whiteline FSB soild bushings with stoppers
Whiteline Steering rack bushings
Whiteline ALK
Cusco front strut bar
Noltec Solid differential and rear end bushings
Stop Tech stainless steel braided brake lines
04 wrx calipers
Ceramic brake pads
Group N tranny mounts
More to come...

EFI Logics tune to come.


2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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Ok im gonna give you guys the story from the beginning of the purchase of my car, until present day. Here we go...

Ok here is day one when i found the car on craigslist January 15, 2010.

It was an auto, but it already had some nice mods. Cusco front strut bar, jdm tails, 22b rep wing, jdm clear corners, 22b door sils crystal headlights, and an sti axleback. Little did I know, it also had a jdm aluminum hood!!! i didnt find that out until like 6 moths after i bought it lol.

after the long 12 hour drive to go get it, i immediately snapped pics the next day.

The sti axleback

snapped a quick pic with my brother and his newly acquired del sol with a jdm b16 and an ek front.

I was already on the subaru forums, i had been on them since 07 when i was just a sophomore haha. So I created a thread entitled 'wtb gc parts'. MY struts were bad and i was looking to replace them. Basically i was looking for someone local to help me out with the car and help instal parts whenever i got them.. Well i got what i asked for because shorty after, I met my now close friend Pedro Torres. He responded to the thread telling me He had everything I needed. He had megan racing coil overs that came off his 00 GC. Pedro was in iraq at the time (military), but he helped me out as much as he could over the forums. A few days later, i was at his house, and his dad installed the Megan's for me. He gave them to me for 500!! They had super low miles too.. I was really pleased and excited. Especially since his gc was already swapped and also had a fully built track ready sti. So I knew i would have a great subaru connect, and the best part was, he lives in the same town as me go figure. Here are a few pics of the coilover install and some pics of pedros car.

Pedros dad doing work

His STI, which is now probably a soda can via scrap yard.
(He doesnt play when it comes to parting out LOL)

Random Pic of my Gay N/A Bay

MY old crusty struts/springs

Unfortunately, i didn't take any before pics of the ride height, but here is the after math

Went out and did a little iphone shoot

My first snow storm with the car

2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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A few weeks later I acquired a used invidia N1 race axleback modded to fit a gc from a good subie buddy.

The sound was sick for the first few days, but then it just started to sound like a civic lol. I knew it was time for headers. So i got some borla reps

Heat coated and heat wrapped

Did the tow hook toy thing for a little while, until it got stolen when i was at school rofl

This is a pic of my passenger side QP where currently i had a lot of cancer. Hasnt broken surface yet, but its getting bad. Here it is last year around april may

you can see the cancer starting to form, but like i said, its way worse now!

Random Pic on a nice day

Another iphone shoot- I need a real camera!

Ditched the 22b wing, not really my style. Traded for a coupe wing with trunk, or v3 sti wing if you will plus cash.

Here is the car the 22b wing went to

Went to the pike with some of my ctsubie buddys

On the way to one of my first car shows, KW image did a rolling shot for me, which got featured in's 2011 calendar for the month of june!! yay my birthday month... I was really happy about that.

did a droid photoshoot with my brother


2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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This is probably my favorite pic of my car so far.

Met fellow 2.5rs owner at lowes

Went to a ctsubie meet with my fellow "classic" owners.

Starting to prepare for the 5 speed swap @ pedros aka Torres performance.

Pedro installing the 5 speed pedal assembly

Getting my whiteline front end suspension parts put in

Back at home, test fitted my thule roof rack.. Still need to get the fairing for it.

5 speed swap officially started


2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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Old rear end (4.44) outta there

Replaced with a 4.11 from pedros rs with noltec solid differential bushings. No pics though..

Having some fun

MY invidia was rattling pretty bad lately, so after further looking into the problem, it turns out the resonator popped out of place. so instead of running unresonated which would be extra raspy, i sold it and picked up an apexi n1 axleback for 50 bucks.

The old invidia all nasty looking with my melted bumper on the tip LOL

The new to me apexi n1

Not as nice as the invidia was, but for 50 bucks, cant beat it I guess.

We tried to get the apexi to fit, but it wouldnt even if my life depended on it haha. So i bought it for nothing. I sold it for 100 bucks.

Pedro just decided to lend me his blitz nur spec so i could driver her. I absolutely LOVE this exhaust.

Anyways, the 5 speed swap went good except for some wiring problems... since im still on the automatic harness, I had to bring it to the guys at ECS for some wire merging. Paul, the head guy at ECS doing his thing.

Random pics of the Torres performance in house garage LOL

by the way right now were right around december i think?? Bought a Chargespeed lip from a member on rs25 for 500 bittys!!! Came in from ups.. judging from the look of the package, i was not going to be happy.


About a 3 inch crack on the driver side!! ups offered to return it but i refused because the lip is really hard to find, and I would just find someone to fix it when i get it and the car painted. It is made out of fiberglass, so it shouldn't be a problem for a good body guy to fix.

test fitting the roof rack with my lip. Even though the lip is on the ground haha

waiting to get the rest of my exterior mods so i can paint and instal everything at once!

thats right about were i am now. paying off my swap which hasnt started yet, but will soon. Here are a few pics of a car pedro swapped last september. he does a really clean swap so this is what im looking forward to.

Helped pedro strip down a wrx the other day and sent it to the scrap yard.

2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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and now my friend mikes 03 rs with a wrx swap is in there to get some things done!! as soon as this car is out, my car goes in. cant wait, espcially since i get to help full time on the swap :D

DAMN! that was alot of writing lol. This is the first time ive actually done this so let me know what you guys think so far!!

- Jordan

2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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SO finally i can update this with some decent pics. BIG ups to my boy pedro of Torres Performance. With his help, this car has come along way since the beginning. I have much more in store so stay tuned!!

the stamp of approval!

Shouts out to IWIRE, best merge out, hands down.

2009 BL5, 2001 RS
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Here are some parts I have yet to install...

22b/V3 sti Wheel

P1 fog lights

JDM front bumper beam

6k HIDs

hellas with subie mods harness and bracket

Chargespeed front lip

Will install it all once I get everything else I want.
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