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2001 A.W. L
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2001 2.2L Aspen White Coupe


-RCE Tarmac 2 coilovers
-STI tophats
-Cusco Front Strut bar
-COBB tubular RSB
-Kartboy Rear Endlinks
-Ebay Rear Strut bar
-Tribeca 25mm front swaybar
-SuperPro Front Swaybar bushings

-COBB SS brake lines
-06 WRX 4 pots (painted black)
-RS rear disc conversion
-H6 Rear brake upgrade
-Hawk HPS pads
-Racing brake slotted rotors

-17" Prodrive P1's
-Z1 Starspecs - 215 45 17
-00 RS 6 spokes

-SuperPRO steering rack bushings
-MOOG inner tierods

-Ver. 3 STI Transmission (4.444)
-Mechanical LSD Rear Diff
-Cable to Hydro conversion
-Z1Auto SS Clutch line
-GrpN transmission mount
-GrpN pitch stop
-Kartboy short shifter
-Kartboy Front and Rear Shifter bushings
-Kartboy Rear Diff outrigger bushings
-Kartboy Rear Subframe bolts
-Cusco Rear Diff mount bushings
-STI Trailing Arms
-Primitive rear diff protector
-WRX Pedal Box
-ACT Flywheel
-Exedy Clutch

-STI V3 Engine
-EJ257 Block, bored to 100mm
-Balanced Crank
-Manley H-beam plus rods
-ACL Race Bearings
-ARP Headstuds
-JE Hybrid Pistons
-GrpN Motor Mounts
-TT X-member
-CXRacing FMIC
-COBB Lightweight pulley
-Grounding Kit
-Prodrive WR axel back
-JDM in fender Coolant Overflow
-Koyorad R1819
-98 Radiator Brackets
-Removed Gas Tank
-10gal Fuel Cell
Haltech Sport 1000 EMS

-RS front bumper
-JDM Light weight bumper beam
-OEM clear corners
-Clear Side Markers
-V6 grill
-P1 fog light covers
-JDM powerfolding mirrors
-CF RB5 rear wing
-Tinted windows 35%
-Flat fuel door
-Rockblocker red tails
-JDM Rain Guards
-Rabbit Badge
-Side Skirts w/ mudguards
-Bakemono V6 Front Lip
-JDM Rear Bumper w/ Spats and mudguards
-JDM Rear Light weight beam

-Flocked dash and gauge pod
-Prosport Gauges - Boost, EGT & Oil Pressure
-Sparco Flash 5 Steering wheel
-MOMO hub
-MOMO shift nob
-Gutted Interior
-Rhino Lined Floor Boards
-03 WRX seats (front and rear)
-Sparco 3-point harnesses not installed
-STI cluster w/ DCCD
-OEM Carbon Fiber Trim
-WRX Pedals

Red = Not Purchased Yet

RCE Tarmac II Coilovers installed
Tint and Rainguards post #41
Flocked Dash post #53

(Old Pictures)

To get
Apexi 507-F002 Intake
Invidia Downpipe - HS05SW1DPN


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2001 A.W. L
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Well I removed the CF hood and put the stock L hood on...

Also added one small mod :devil:

RCE Tarmac 2 coilovers, man are these things nice! Expect a writeup on them soon.. Getting corner balanced tomorrow. Heres how she sits now. Ride height is 13.5" in the Front and 13" in the rear. Sorry for the crappy pic its hard to get a good shot in my garage


2000 STM RS Sedan 5spd
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Yeah, could have been better but i'm a noob with a camera. Mine is done too, uploading now.

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aren't you glad i didn't buy your hood. :lol: your car looks sick drenched in white!

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2001 A.W. L
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Got rid of the Borla headers and went back to stock, I just couldnt deal with the cracking anymore!

Added a Prodrive WR muffler (sounds sooo nice!)

Also thanks to Billy (RS22b) at Broken Motorsports I swapped out the L transmission and put in a 2000 RS Tranmission and matching rear diff with LSD!!!!

crappy cell phone pic, mid swap

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Congrats man. Glad everything worked out well for you. Enjoy the new transmission/LSD. :)

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as long as it doesnt share the same GAY ecu as the 99+ rs (ie: similar) you can build a potent turbo kit'd motor if u can weld up an up pipe to work with your na headers.

you wont have the boxer rumble but it will sound cool hearing the turbo whine.

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2001 A.W. L
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So I was tire of my full size spare bouncing around in the trunk (silly coilovers) so I got with a little creativity

^^ thats the stock mount + a bolt that came out of a spare set of heads that I have

this is the only added weight :lol: (good idea from Carisma!!)
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