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My name is Jordan. I live in Spokane WA. I bought the Blue 1999 2.5rs car in August 2010 from a member on nasioc (Badfish1134) who bought it from a member on here (Jdm25rs). Started out with making the car look as stock as possible so i could start fresh. Made that car a very nice looking 22b replica. I ended up selling the shell of the 22b replica and getting a 1995 impreza LX to make more of a rally replica. Hope you enjoy both builds!

Before i bought the 2.5rs:

After i bought it:

Bye 22b Hello WRC



1999 rbp 2.5rs Sold
New: 1995 Impreza LX

Rallispec Street spec pro shortblock with built ej257 heads
Comp turbo ct3-6262 and ct3-5356 oil-less Turbos
44mm tial wastegate X2
Greddy oil cooler
Tomei timing belt guide
Cosworth intake manifold
Killer b oil pan, pickup and baffle
Fluidampr Steel crankshaft Damper
Gates timing belt kit with water pump
Treadstone / Turbosmart RacePort Blow Of Valve
Perrin up pipe
Moroso coolant reservoir
3"HKS down pipe
L'Aunsport P555 wrc exhaust
Custom equal length headers
Walbro 255 fuel pump
034 Motorsport Fully Enclosed FP34 044 fuel surge tank with a Bosch 044 fuel pump inside
Fuel lab fuel pressure regulator
Race part solutions fuel filters
1000cc ID injectors
Radium fuel rails with fuel pulse damper
Custom charge piping
Mac Boost Control Solenoid
STI air filter for airbox
3" QTP exhaust cutout

Adaptronics ecu E420d
AEM boost gauge X2
AEM wideband o2 sensor
AEM oil pressure gauge
AEM EGT gauge
Flocked dash
BNA tripple gauge pod With cubby
Sti gauge cluster with DCCD
Suede OMP Veloce Superleggera stearing wheel
Prodrive rapfix quick release
Works bell short boss hub
Euro stereo trim
WRC Prodrive sparco seats
Wrx pedals
Taylor battery box
Fire extinguisher with custom mount
LAILE (Beatrush) MAP BOX
6ovrcrst Door Panels

Bakemono 22b wing Sold
S5 WRC Wing
6ovrcrst mini induction scoop
6ovrcrst Polycarbonate Rear windows
L'aunsport wrc widebody Sold
Force Dreams WRC Widebody
Force Dreams Group A roof vents
JDM Aluminium hood
Custom cages roll cage
Sparco hood pins
22b titanium fender badges Sold
Grayston rally mud flaps
22b trunk emblem Sold
WRC carbon mirrors
JDM rear windshield wiper
JDM taillights
Clear corner lights
JDM rain guards Sold
Retrofited headlights Bi-xenon: FX-R 3.0 Lens Size 3" Sold
Comet SBB-2 antenna with comet RS-730 mount

GTZ corse 2121 18x8 et 48
Hankook rs3 235/40/18

Ver 7 STI 6 speed, driveshaft and rear diff. Non DCCD
CAE Ultra Shifter
Twin disc competition clutch
Cusco engine/transmission mounts
STI carbon strut tower bar
Half inch rear sway bar
KB rear endlinks
BC coilovers
V4 STI front and rear axles plus hubs

Prodrive Big brake kit
06 wrx 2 pot rear calipers


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Before swap
The day i brought it home

Bought ver7 seats, shift knob and sueded the door cards


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The Swap

The clip i ordered

Packaged up and ready to be shipped!

Drove to seattle to pick it up.

Tear down time

Drillin out spot welds to take the firewalls out

In with the new

Engine is in!


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The 5 day build for West Coast Subaru Show 2012

Well after driving the car for a while i wanted to make it different then all the rest of the rs swaps. I talked to my friends Chris Sczenski and Craig Sczenski and they had some amazing ideas on what we could do to build it up. Craig being an amazing welder for about ten years made it a lot easier to build the things we needed. Chris, by far the smartest guy i know came up with all the crazy ideas under the hood and also is running his own company called Adepttuning. He tunes my car and i havent had any problems. very smart guy. He also has a website with my friend Andrew Klawitter that sells parts like Adaptronic Engine Management, Comp Turbos, Fuel Systems and
Turbocharger Accessories. If you wanna check it out the website is

So anyway we really wanted to build something different before the WCSS, so we ordered parts and they ended up shipping to my house 5 days before the meet. so we decided to to make something different and badass in those 5 days weather we made it to the meet or not. We got everything done except the front mount from treadstone didnt show up so we used this tiny front mount that came off a honda or something, i dont remember but we ended up leaving right after we mounted that at about 1am to head for Port Townsend. Was a long night of driving but well worth it cause we ended up getting 3rd place in the gc class. here are some pictures of what we did.

Before we had welding tools at the house

Catch can

Screamer pipe curves down next to the downpipe

After we got back we put the new intercooler on.

Then painted the charge piping with wrinkle red VHT.

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New Fuel System:

currently doing this right now. We just bought a tig welder and craig is making everything look amazing. Been trying to work on it and make this journal at the same time. We have to have everything done by this friday cause we have a yearly subaru cruise we cant miss that includes about 150 subarus so im hoping we can pull it off. Here are some pics so far.

The new catch can.

Surge tank and fuel pump.

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we got a lot more done tonight. I will post pictures tomorrow

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Thanks guys. Took for ever for me to make a journal but im glad i finally did. was a little nervous to see what people would say lol so im glad you guys like it

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Got to admit man, looking over the RHD part.
Very interesting how you cut out the firewall and from dash. Looks so easy in the picture haha even though I know it wasnt.

Most of the time iv seen people just measure and cut holes on the other side and weld up the old holes.
Cool approach though! Did you just straight weld it in or did you use filler things of the sort?
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