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The ride height is just as I hoped it would be, not slammed and well balanced front to rear

I'm thinking about paint matching the side skirts, lip, spats, mirrors and door handles now, at least just the door handles and mirrors

I figured out why my shifter was more sloppy than your mom at a Bryan Adams concert, not sure if the bushings melted out of there or what but this is a problem

I was working on a bracket to add the return spring to my updated linkage but since the old one is trashed I just repurposed it instead of fabricating one myself, the bump actually goes at the top so the bracket is on the wrong side in this pic

The bolt had to be flipped around because the nut was hitting the transmission, I probably should put some loctite on it because it's not quite to the nylon lock

The spring is stretched out more than your mom after a Bryan Adams concert but it works for now and I have spares, the wider bushings of the newer style are problematic but it can work after all

Feels good to be able to find gears reliably again, feels good to be driving this car again but when I was under there fixing the shift linkage I noticed one of my front axles was throwing grease everywhere

I tried one last time to just convert the Forester axles to the female ends on the inside joint, the bearings are too large to fit in the older female cup so I tried to swap them but the axle shafts are different diameters as well

Due to a lack of reman axles for the bugeye sedans I had to get them from GSP and I'm not sure how close they are to OEM but the cup is clearly different and might actually swap onto the Forester axles, I have a little more confidence now with proper length axles but a little less because aftermarket

I'm finally able to take my car to meets and I'm realizing I wasn't missing much slaps roof of cars and coffee this bad boy can fit so much autism in it

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I'm not sure if you were joking about paint matching the mirrors and door handles, but I think your car looks proper raw the way it is. Maybe the mirrors if I'm being nit-picky.
I actually like the mirrors raw/black with dark tent, and doors color matched. Beens your RS is black, well whatever. Ymmv.
Car looks way tough as is.
The door handles just look out of place to me, the mirrors I hardly notice but I do notice... All the media I've seen of the Type-R shows painted handles, sideskirts, mirrors, spats and lip so it makes me want to match all that to make a truer clone of the Type-R. The Type-RA is the real performance trim level and it doesn't even have sideskirts, lip or spats and the door handles and mirrors are left unpainted. Since I started with L trim I don't have any holes in the rocker panels for the sideskirts and I could just take off the skirts for looks like a Type-RA coupe but after working it all out in my head I always end up at just leave it as it is like you guys.

I don't have a huge update, I've really only been driving this car about twice a month and I haven't had much time to do anything other than that with it

The trend of fire/emergency events any time I drive it to work was maintained with a major CO2 refrigerant leak that evacuated the entire block, pretty sure the next time I drive this car to work everything will work out perfectly and it will be the best day ever

I got a Sparco L550 steering wheel and hub adapter direct from Sparco brand new for 1/3 the asking price of the cheapest used Prodrive wheel I could find, the pricing on the V3 Nardi wheel it's replacing is even more ridiculous

I read the V3 Nardi working horn and signal cancel DIY and tried to get all the parts from older Subarus at the junkyard, the unit from a Legacy without air bags is very similar and has some of the parts needed

It doesn't have the horn pin like in the DIY but it has a much smaller clockspring that is useless no matter how much I want it to work, the signal cancel is identical to the DIY and fits with the spring in newer cars no problem

The Sparco adapter has the same divots for the signal cancel and it fits perfect with the spring installed, the signals will not cancel unless you cut away the lip for the spring seat but then you can't use the spring and it won't contact the steering wheel

The solution in the DIY is to cut a second one in half and glue them together but this solution is total crap and the thing gets pressed into the steering wheel so hard with no flex so it it binds up and it was about this time I stopped giving a shit about self cancelling signals

I haven't had the column surround on for a long time because it needs to be trimmed for the older wheels, the Sparco adapter has the same problem so I finally trimmed the surround to make it look less like a stolen car

Starting to look more like a proper racecar, with the flocked dash and everything else I felt like the steering wheel looked a little too tame

Thanks to the good people at Sparco I have another terrible cosmetic dilema to obsess over, I went with the one on the left but I'll probably lose some sleep over that decision

I wasn't sure about the blue but I got it because Prodrive heritage, it just so happens to match the roll cage pretty well and that wasn't something I was anticipating or even thinking about
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