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2000 2.5rs
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I am posting this for a friend. All parts listed are currently on the vehicle and not taken off yet. Willing to ship small items at buyer's expense.

Have four doors panels for sale along with their window motors, no door cards or side mirrors. $100 for each door. Color is White.

JDM Forester STi front seats, $380

JDM Forester STi Left and Right Fenders in White, $180

JDM Forester STi side skirts, $200

JDM Forester Rear tail lights, $80

JDM SF5 sun visors, $40.

Carpeting in good decent condition, $80

Forester Removable Carpets, two in the front, two in the back. $50

Fuel tank from the car $100. BYOT to take it off.

Rear view mirror, $15.

Forester STI Cluster, $70

Front end frame, such as radiator support part, wheel apron. $250. BYOT.

Digital Climate control, Ive seen some people use it on their GC8 or GM6 imprezas, $80

Steering wheel with airbag, $150

Front seat belts, $80 or $100 both the front and rear.

Forester STi Power Steering Rack RHD, $340

Automatic Transmission, $280 BYOT you take it off yourself.

Engine, Wheels, Hood, Headlights and bumper have been sold.

If you need any interior parts from the car, let me know. I'll see what I got.
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