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Whats goin on I think i know the answer to my question but just dowuble checking...

I'm swapping in a v8 ej207 sti motor into my MY00 2.5rs very soon...i have a pre merged harness but have my doubts in it working in my car...can I buy a usdm wrx harness from an 02 or 03 wrx and have that merged with my RS harness or is the JDM harness necessary? I'm pretty sure this is possible just double checking thanks guys!!

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sorry for hijacking but:
if i had jdm harness and usdm all i would need is to get it merged? what about dccd controller?
is jdm v8 drive by wire? and would usdm 02-03 wrx ecu upgrades just plug and play? what would be an easy and good/cheap way of tunning it (1k or less)
also i was reading about someones swap and they needed fuel pump control??
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