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So im not really sure where i was gonna put this, so if mods need to move it, thats fine just let me know. anyways my question may or may not be able to be answered here, ive tried on nasioc, clubwrx etc. and have only got vendor links, which isnt what im looking for. Im wondering about buying parts from around here for my car. I have a 92 JDM wrx GC8 and i need to do the brakes on it as well as the clutch. heres what ive gathered so far, i just need verification. I have read that i can use the brakes off the 2.5rs from the years 92-99, and i can use the clutch out of the 2002-2005 wrx with the 2.0l turbo motor (ej20) im almost positive this will work out but im new to subarus so some help would be awesome. thanks guys!

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brake pad dimensions for a GC8A wrx:
112.3x50.0x11.0 (front)
92.4x33.7x10 (rear)

I have idea what the USDM gc brake pad sizes are, but those are the dimensions for your model.

Clutch Size:

all sizes in mm.

hopefully that helps. & are good places to find replacement parts, also ralispec has jdm gc8a-c (92-96 wrx) parts in stock.

I would also join a EU based wrx forum, for addtl support on your particular platform.
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