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Been reading here for a while now, mostly the handy how to's to learn more from others about my car! So i thought it would be nice to introduce myself.

My name is Chris, 23 years old and living in a small town in the Netherlands. To make some cash, i try to sell mostly old BMW parts but i am still going to school so that's nothing big really.

I always liked the Subaru impreza, my neighbor had the very first Gc8 Gt turbo model (european name) and fell in love with the boxer sound from that point on.

So when time passes, and drivin mostly honda's i managed to gather some money for a suby! It had to be slightly different though. So i went to the UK and bought a GF8 sti which was in a pretty rough condition, but i wanted that so i could fix the car up and spent some time with it and learn something on the way.

The car came with the following options

-Folding mirrors
-STI seats, dials, steering wheel
-STI body work
-STI suspension
-Walbro fuel pump
-440cc injectors
-TD05 18g turbo
-Scorpion exhaust

Bad things

- noisy gearbox bearings
- Wear on steering wheel
- Paint peeling of bumper
- Bad tires
- Probably bad bushes as well
- Left mirror wasn't folding
- Few minor dents

In short, it is in need of attention!

Uk ad photo

Port of Dover UK:


Paint peeling of rear bumper:


Drivers side

Finally got my new licence plates, and resprayed the front bumper lip black


Took a lap on the Nordschleife in the wet, very slippery conditions

Came to the conclusion that the car was cornering really bad, manly because of the cheap tires it came with. No suspension upgrades at all. Learn't alot about my car that weekend and had good fun with it!

Subaru impreza GF8 STI V2 Karussel exits nordschleife touristfahrten 10.11.2013 - YouTube

Picked up a rebuild gearbox and diff from a european turbo 2000 model

Resprayed my current wheels and bought 2 bridgestone sport continentals and 2 michelin primacy HP. Made a huge difference in cornering and steering wheel feel. I want to buy other set of wheels in summer and put some r888's on them for the track.

also removed the front window tint, and thinking about removing all of it, kinda like the original brownish glas.

This is where i am ad today, still need to fix up alot of things before going back on track in summer.

I have a suspicion, that my bottom end was changed at some point of it's live, but i don't really now how to tell. Here is a photo of my engine stamps. If somebody nows how to tell please let me know!



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