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Whelp, after finally getting my V6 trunk and spoiler I decided I should finally write a review post about the company who got it to me.

Initial Impressions:

Very quick communication, and an easy transaction. I had asked questions about the item, and they responded in a very prompt manner with the answers that I was looking for. When it came time for me to send money, they dealt with it immediately.

They said that they would need to split the trunk and spoiler to be able to ship better, which was totally fine with me. I had sent them money on Friday morning, and both packages were at my parent's house on Wednesday evening. Very quick shipping.

Few Gripes:

When I saw the packages at my parent's house they look like so:

The spoiler's packaging looked great. No complaints there, however you can clearly see how the trunk had little support around the edges. This worried me, and I think a bit rightly so as the trunk ended up looking like this when it got to me:

As you can see the bottom corners are pushed in, and pulled out and chipped down to bare metal. I've shipped a trunklid before and made sure to reenforce the corners and still one of them got messed up a bit so i decided to give them the benefit of the doubt for this one. I fixed them anyways after I took these pictures, and they just need some paint to look nice again. No biggie (though im out another 30 bucks for paint), but I just thought i'd make everyone aware of this. The pictures they had up did not show dented up corners.

Then comes the next part, which is what I am kind of upset about. During separation of the spoiler and trunk a few things happened. There was a nice scratch on the trunklid that went through the dirt between the trunk and spoiler, and extended on to the trunk. These were not in the pictures I saw, so I assume they happened and I was not told. Also one of the tabs was broken off from the bottom of the spoiler, which I forgot to get pictures of, but have a picture of the tab off of the spoiler. I later found the broken plastic mounting piece inside one of the trunk crevices.

Anyways it looks like this:

At the end of the day, I decided not to complain because I figured there really wasn't much they could do that wasn't a huge inconvenience to either party, and asking for money back sounded petty in my head (maybe I'm wrong in thinking this?). Just wanted to point these out to people who have a higher quality of standard than me when it comes to products they are buying. I can fix all of these issues for a cost that ends up being a wash anyway.

So overall it has a decent transaction. I'd recommend them because of their quick responses and fast shipping. However, be prepared to fix a couple things because of poor packaging and work that shows they care more about clearing products through and getting cash, than satisfying the customer 110%.
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