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Purchase Yours Here: iWire Fuel Pump Controller Hardwire Kits

If you want to make big power, especially for those running E85/Flex Fuel, the fuel pump has to flow to its maximum capability. iWire’s Fuel Pump Controller Hardwire Kit directs power to the pump straight from the battery which allows for the necessary flow to feed big injectors. The design also retains the very important safety shutoff present in the stock fuel system. Like our other products we take it up to iWireSpec with high quality materials that are chemical, heat, and abrasion resistant, and is completely plug and play.

Don't be fooled by other "hardwire kits" that generally consist of a basic off the shelf relay and require electrical system know how and hacking up the original harness. This kit is truly plug and play with no cutting required. Simply run the wires as described in our directions, mount the module, and take it to the dyno for your tune.

Custom options available including dual pump in tank setups, single and dual pump surge tanks, and builds that require a pressure activated switch for a secondary pump. Let us know what you are looking for by contacting us and we'll build it to order.

How it works: The kit repurposes the original Fuel Pump Controller to act as a trigger so that power runs directly from the battery to the fuel pump via a fused relay. The original safety features are maintained because the Engine Control Unit (ECU) still communicates to the Fuel Pump Controller to tell it when to turn our Hardwire Kit on and off.

Kit Includes:
1 Hardwire Control Module
1 Fuel Pump Controller Jumper Harness
1 Red Power Input Wire
1 White Fuel Power Output Wire
1 Black Fuel Pump Ground Wire
1 Mounting Hardware Kit
4 large zip ties
8 small zip ties
3 in. rubber mounting tape
2 wire terminal caps.
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