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The time has come to ask for help. Please read carefully if you are interested in the position.

Job Title: Subaru Wiring Technician/Apprentice
Location: South Orange County
Hours: Flexible Contract Work
Compensation: By the harness. Average 2-5 harnesses a week. This will start as supplemental income. Number of jobs will increase as trust is earned and responsibilities are added.
Qualifications: 18+ with high school diploma. No wiring experience required. General car knowledge is helpful, but also not required.

Looking for someone with:
• Engineering mindset
• Diligent
• Hardworking
• Listens to instructions
• Problem solver
• Flexible schedule

Job Description: Will start with wiring harness disassembly. As skills progress, more jobs will be added starting with initial wiring assembly and moving on from there. My goal is to guide you along the overall process and teach you how things work in order for you to use your cognitive skills to determine the best way to accomplish the task. Please check any preconceived notions at the door and come in with an open mind and an eye toward problem solving.

If interested please send me an email to [email protected] (please don't PM me) with the subject line, “Wiring Specialist Job Posting.” In the body please include:

• Full name
• Phone number
• Location
• Availability
• Why you are interested in the job
• Resume with 3 references
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